"Gloomy Morning"

Yesterday, I made a post showing how beautiful the sky was and also took photos of the warm-looking sunrise. I guess it's already part of my morning routine to check on the view and learn what would be the weather ahead of us. I can't really tell what's the weather gonna in the afternoon but there's usually a sign. It's especially true in the case that we're having right now.


I woke up early hearing a strong and continous gush of wind. Aside from the wind, it's also drizzling. It feels unusual and so I check on the weather forecast and it says that my area is under TS1 (Thunderstorm Signal no.1). Thankfully its TS1, which means we're not mostly affected by the storm.



Plans for today

We intended to go to the market to get some fresh supplies however if the weather gets worst then we will simply cook whatever ingredients we have in the fridge.

It's a good thing that we scheduled the delivery of our groceries yesterday, otherwise our delivery guy will have a hard time working for it today.

Since, we are having a not so good weather today, I guess we will just stay at the shop and help out with the orders for today.

I have a feeling that in this weather more people will stay in their homes as well.