#MonochromeMonday featuring things found in home

in GEMSlast month

For this entry, I would like to share some photos of things that I found in y house. I went for things that are very common and I just shoot them in such a way how I normally look at them. The trick on these shots is the post-editing of the photos.

What trick is that?

It's the magical "Crop tool".

Let me show you the photos:

Photo 1


A cup of coffee.

Here's the original view.


Photo 2


Wonder what are these? It's the surface of an empty water container.

Here's the original view.


Photo 3


Are you familiar with Calamansi? A really sour fruit that is similar to a lime.

Here's the original view.


I hope you enjoyed viewing this simple set of photos. It's something that you can do as well. And don't forget to use the powerful Crop tool that even your mobile phones have.