"Splash of Purple"

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Is there a much louder way to pimp your car like this?

violet car 1-1.jpg

I saw this parked along the line of shophouses at Arab street and noticed how striking is from a distance. Not really sure what kind of color was used to paint it because of the glossy effect on it. And so while editing the photo I had to push the hue & saturation and it seems like it turned out to be near purple.

The editing was exaggerated at this point but the result appeals fancy and so I kept it.

violet car 2-1.jpg

What do you think about this car? Are you a fan of vintage cars?

I know some people who spend a lot of money restoring old cars and make them as fancy as this one. I may not be one of them but I'm always thrilled to see cars like this.

I didn't have the chance to talk to the owner but through google search, it looks like the model is Morgan Roadster V6 or one of the varieties of it.

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Wow what a beauty 😍⁦✌️⁩🙏