New Chain - New Logo - New Beginnings

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First of all congratulations on successful launch of Hive. It has only been possible by group effort of true decentralized community. We should let go of past grudges and move forward in building the community together.

Just for brief intro, GEMS is a curation support community formed by @appreciator, @rocky1 and @upmewhale. Many people were keen to know will GEMS community will be active on Hive or not? As everyone knows by now that community is not one specific place and we'll go and support wherever the community is. This will be a gradual change and users will slowly start to shift towards best community.

The main objective of GEMS will remain the same, to focus more on user retention by providing support to undervalued deserving content. This support will not be limited to GEMS community only. We have already been supporting other cool initiatives and will continue to do that.

We would love to speedup on-boarding process and you can contact us anytime in this regard. Do subscribe to this community to see GEMS of the HIVE community and future updates:

Join GEMS discord

The new community logo is designed by @zaxan and he has done a wonderful job. All the beneficiary rewards from post will go to him.


Credits @derangedvisions


It is pleasing to see one of the largest community support groups on HIVE and, I think, all of the communities and users on HIVE would be in agreement of your statement...

This will be a gradual change and users will slowly start to shift towards best community.

whatever the case would be, most of the active community members have started to be active on HIVE, and I am sure, rest would be joining soon.

But, there is no doubt, IMHO, finding GEMS on HIVE is one of the most encouraging things for the HIVE users.

Upvoted because u had the biggest comment but sucks as a front end, we have to use

Things are slowly catching up, its decentralized community at work together

Anything that mentions decentralised, community and working together has my vote. 👏

Thanks for the upvote. I hope, as bluemist also said and again IMHO, things would be better in the near future. Good thing is, HIVE's team/developers et cetera are tirelessly working to make the chain better, issues are being resolved, and they have been keeping the community updated almost at every step as well.

Thank you so much for kind remarks.

Pleasure is all mine.

Genial encontrarnos con publicaciones orientadas a abrirnos el entendimiento...

Thank you so much for continuing to support users in HIVE :)

You are welcome :)

Good Luck
Best Community Ever

Thank you

Welcome to the hive blockchain..... togetherness we can build a better community

Thank you.. hopefully yes

What type of content do you support? Any specific? or can it be anything?

It was clearly written above "undervalue deserving post" 😉

Yes, your content can be of any genre but it should be original and good one

Is there any specific way(like discord channel) to submit an article or by just including #gems will do fine.

By the way, I have written an article today and included #gems tag. Would u plz look into it and check whether it is eligible to be curated or not.

Hi admin, @bluemist, I have written a nice analysis and this is my original one and I have included some intuitive visuals for the understanding of common man, I posted that article in #gems but it seems like no one is noticing it. I firmly believe that it is an "undervalued deserving post". Can you check it out. Here is the post link:

This is great update. Let's make Hive an awesome place. Gem rocks. 💯

Thank you

Nice to see that community doesn’t matter now for support. Thanks, always will be with gems.

Thank you

Nice😀😂. Let's move forward

Nice news!
Thanks @gems

You are welcome.

Awesome... Hive on!

Definitely... Hive On!

Its great!
Let's move with something best.

Thank you

This is very awesome and the logo looks very cool. Nice one guys. I've already made my first GEMS post on the Hive blockchain 😎

Thank you so much.

Proud to be a member of GEMS..! Thanks for support..! Hive on..!

You are welcome
Hive On!

Thanks for your kindness answer and happy sunday..!

Your support, together with many others, is essential for users, especially in non-flourishing periods like this. Beautiful logo! congratulations!

Thank you so much!

So good to see you here to and Gems is a Great community that I learned to love 🥰 Thank you guys for all you do for so many 🙏 means more than you know.

Yeay to arrived to Hive!

You are always welcome!

🤗❤️🤗 Happy sunday!

Welcome to the hive!

Keep up the good work the gems community is by far one of the best community's 👍🏾

Thank you so much

Glad to see so many communities moving to this chain.

Good to know you are happy

Happy new beginnings guys! Thank you always for supporting the community! Keep on! ❤️

You are much welcome!

Awesome. Great to see you here.

Thank you.

it is a great pleasure to see you formally here, hug gems!

Thank you so much for warm welcome!

First of all I will like to appreciate your kind support on this global Community on Hive Blockchain. I know it has not been so easy but you are still working perfectly well 100% that's my rate. I acknowledge the fact that your hardwork daily is not a waste. Thanks for your constant support on hive blockchain community at large.

Gracias 💪

Thank you.

Ese Adupe

Thank you for your support yesterday.
It was the first time I'd heard of Gems and good to know you folks are here from the get go. 👍🏃

You are much welcome

happy start for all

Hopefully it continues...

Nice! It's a well designed logo, I like the modern appeal to it.

Thank you.

You're welcome :)

Good to know the GEMS community moved to the decentralise system

Yes, to a true decentralized and censorship-free system

It's a great logo for an outstanding community! 😎

Thank you!

That's great! Glad to know that GEMS is here on Hive blockchain.

Thank you!

Congratulations on your new presentation. I keep in touch with GEMS. Success!

Thank you, looking forward to it.

a lovely logo -- gave me a definite associations with the Star Wars xD

may I come up with a little suggestions how to improve it (in terms of a good typography) ?..

I altered the minor detailes, for a 'better readability'


full sail!

That is so kind of you, suggestions are always welcomed

Muchas gracias, @gems-comunity por el apoyo y las buenas noticias. ¡Felicitaciones especiales a @zaxan por el logotipo, es espectacular!

Getting all set up here on our Hive blockchain (just finally got Hive Keychain working, thanks to @themarkymark ...) @gems-community, I just learned about this Community for the first time. I have subscribed to it, joined the Discord server, and now reading this post.

I am looking forward to the future "in here" and hopeful better days are ahead! 👍

Thank you so much, looking forward to great times ahead

Yes, bluemist ...

"... looking forward to great times ahead"

... as are many of us, giving all we on our blockchain have been through since the uhhh ... "Valentine Day Massacre" surprise we all woke up to on Feb. 14th ...

So ... Moving right along, I have now created my first Hive post and posted it in your community.

When it comes to our Hive blockchain's image, it raises an issue I think has some merit for consideration and discussion.

yes Gems is great place, very much coperative , thank you very much for supporting community

You are much welcome.

This will still be a great place to post my crazy ideas! Greetings beehive!

Thank you so much

Gems has been such a jewel to the Community. Thanks for your support for many of us Content Creators 🙏:) And love the new logo

Thanks, you are much welcome.

Nice logo, with an 80's vibe.

I guess that is good

Great start we have here. Will join other dedicated hiveians to build here.

Thank you

Awesome Community :)

Thank you :)

Muchas gracias, Gems-community, agradecida con el apoyo. Estare en Hive.

Congratulations for the logo @gems-community it looks good.

Thank you.

I love the logo. And I love the GEMS. This reminds me a song about Diamonds (I think the diamonds are GEMS)

Do the best of you! <3

Awesome song! Thank you so much.

GO ahead GEMS community ♥♥

Thank you

It's great to see you here!
For me is a big pleasure to be a member of GEMS/ Thanks for your support and thanks thats community always with us!

You are much welcome.

Well we sure do need to get the caution programs running so we can start attracting contributors!

I hope that we see more projects moving over soon or at least having a a hive version

I do hope the same

A very wise decision is to maintain blogs in both the Hive and the Steem. Today, people face a very difficult decision, a difficult choice between Steem, even if something is already bad, it’s already native. It is difficult to burn bridges, in many, there is hope that the sun will go out, lol.
The logo is super! Simple and tasteful. Blessings to the Gems Community!

Thank you so much!

Yes ... I was waiting for this moment. There is some uncertainty associated with bifurcation. There is such a thing as the inertia of large systems. Changes can be quick in form, but in content everything is slower. I like your caution and correctness in judgment.

This will be a gradual change and users will slowly start to shift towards best community.

Time and our actions ... only they will show the best solution and the best community.
You are doing an important job, thank you.

Thank you for kind remarks
You are always welcome

I am mutually glad to our communication :-)
Cheers and !BEER

Thank you for your support of me and others!! Much appreciated!


You are always welcome!

🎁 Hi @gems-community! You have received 0.1 HIVE tip from @dswigle!

Check out @dswigle blog here and follow if you like the content :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide.

Nice logo. Congratulations. Many successes.

Thank you

We should let go of past grudges and move forward in building the community together.


Nice logo, maybe time for OCD to get one as well!

I do like the current logo :)

More beautiful and representative. Successes-

Thank you.

All I can say guys are doing amazing work..thank you! 🤗

This is a really great idea. I have been impressed by what @appreciator has been doing in the past on Steem. I am happy to see that they are carrying this over to Hive.

I used steem seldomely but once i got to know hive ,i will support it till infinity , every individual is equal ,every individual must be supported.. lets make hive shine bright and high. Do follow me friends. I am a hard decentralization abd ewuality to all supporter.

Hi there! Can we use this logo in our posts?

Hello, and joined! Now that I know what this community is about. The @appreciator sort of hinted me in this direction.

You're doing a great job... congratulations

I'll join the discord.❤

Great logo for new logo, congratulation!!😘👏👏

This is one of big and most favourite community in Hive platform.

I would like to enter the gem dirscord community. I am getting to know this new community and I am grateful if you send me the invitation link, since the old one does not allow me to enter...
<3 I send greetings and many blessings to all

you guys are doing great job

What a great achievement

Yi no for sure that am in the right place the creativities and orientation are great

Una comunidad increíble ya que apoya la variedad y las diferentes culturas

What a grate success and achievement well done

Together we can achieve greater things

Together we can do it nothing is impossible impossible

It was a great success and having great people around you @appricator @upmewhale @rocky1. kudos to you guys for you contribution to the Success and many other thanks to u all

First of all, I want to congratulate you on the logo! It is very appealing! xD Secondly, I wanted to ask what needs to be done to be part of this community. The feedback has been very good from other users.

Welcome gem to hive Community

Can we repost our old blog in this community?

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Do not miss the last post from @hivebuzz:

HiveBuzz supports the Austrian Community Meetup

Good night, what happened to this project when it came out promised to be better or equal to Amazon's mtkturk but I never heard from him again since 2017, they even have a telegram group in English and Spanish in the group that they have in Spanish is still being added users and their own website where I register, until there I get...

I am happy to be part of this awesome community, it gives me a sense of belonging to a group of intellectuals

A community that is playing curation role for undervalued deserving contents is really a nice one.

I'm just signing up so, l hope to know more about this community on the long run

Wow es una exelente iniciativa y a futuro dara buenos resultados. saludos.

Same man

This community has supported me as a content creator for more than a year and I am grateful for that. Hopefully, more people will being to engage and come into the community. Cheers!

Please I'm new here I need some guidelines please

good job

Good job

Awesome thanks for sharing have a blessed day

I've been in Hive for a few months now and I have been upvoted by appreciator many times which I am extremely grateful for. I didn't know that appreciator is involved in a community and I am knowing it know. I'm glad that community like this in Hive exist and supports deserving creators. Great job guys!

I know plagiarism is a no-no (obviously), but how 'bout crossposting? Like posting on Medium and here at the same time for instance?

Thanks to @zaxan
This logo speaks creativity
Would love to know more

And credit to @derangedvisions for the animation.

The new logo looks very beautiful...thanks for all the support...

I like the fact that gems is a logo and also a currency on hive but what if we make it better like putting hive gem out there to the market to trade with on top crypto platform....what I'm trying to say is gem can earn a name and gain more value like bitcoin and other coin out there

So happy you guys are going wide and vast

Agreed, a much better home for all