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RE: New Chain - New Logo - New Beginnings

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It is pleasing to see one of the largest community support groups on HIVE and, I think, all of the communities and users on HIVE would be in agreement of your statement...

This will be a gradual change and users will slowly start to shift towards best community.

whatever the case would be, most of the active community members have started to be active on HIVE, and I am sure, rest would be joining soon.

But, there is no doubt, IMHO, finding GEMS on HIVE is one of the most encouraging things for the HIVE users.


Upvoted because u had the biggest comment but sucks as a front end, we have to use

Things are slowly catching up, its decentralized community at work together

Thanks for the upvote. I hope, as bluemist also said and again IMHO, things would be better in the near future. Good thing is, HIVE's team/developers et cetera are tirelessly working to make the chain better, issues are being resolved, and they have been keeping the community updated almost at every step as well.

Thank you so much for kind remarks.

Pleasure is all mine.

Genial encontrarnos con publicaciones orientadas a abrirnos el entendimiento...