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Hi everyone, today I want to share with you a memory of a few years ago, when I had an experience that I really liked and that probably will not be repeated at other times.

I was asked to play a small role in a music video clip, and although I had never done anything like that, I accepted with enthusiasm.

It was the spring of 2014 and some University's friends and colleagues of my wife (my girlfriend at the time) had founded the band "Le Macchie" and recorded their first album.

So they were preparing to shoot the video clip of their single, the song "Bianca" and it was to my surprise that the singer of the band, Massimo Mincione, called me to talk about this project, asking me to participate as an actor.

He explained to me that in the video clip he would shoot the commercial of a product that would remain hidden and mysterious, but that it would drive everyone crazy, to the point of creating rows of people ready to do anything to grab it.

In the first seconds of the video, you can see the testimonial that presents this product and, while the commercial is filming, the entrepreneur owner of the brand arrives, stopping everything to go and affectionately greet the beautiful girl.

Then he reappears in the last scene, in which he toasts and drinks champagne with the model to celebrate the success of the product and then closes the doors of the room with a mischievous look.

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According to him, I had the right face to impersonate this somewhat ambiguous manager and so he asked me if I was willing to do it.

It was fun to record the two scenes...although, not being a professional actor, I found myself a little uncomfortable in some moments, in the end the result I think was discreet.

We had a lot of fun, we laughed and joked, but also worked seriously and professionally. It was a very special day, which even after many years I remember with great pleasure.

I leave you here the complete video, I hope you watch it and let me know what you think!


Thanks to all of you for reading my article.

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Credits: @doze


Bravo Girolamo! Però, non sei mica male come attore! Molto espressivo, complimenti!
Deve essere stata una bella esperienza!

Ahah...grazie 😁

watched the video man,

The editing of it is supercool, everything fitted in their own place.

Thank you very much!
This has been done with a really low budget. Just by the passion and creativity of these guys ✌️

I know man the effort behind it, I've been shooting my short film before the quarantine. Now it's on the editing process.