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« The day I went home without my legs, I wanted to challenge my nephew to hide and seek. First I slipped into the fireplace. Then I pulled two chairs closer and lay on top, covering myself with a plaid. Finally, I camouflaged myself inside the lunchbox. In the evening, my nephew confided to his mother that "when he grew up he would have liked to drive a racing car and not have legs like his uncle." Of the many compliments I received, that remains absolutely the most beautiful one. »

« When in a race you realize that you have given everything, absolutely everything, hold on for five seconds, because that's where the others can't take it anymore. »

« Life is always worth living and sport gives incredible possibilities to improve your daily life and find motivations. »

« When I woke up without legs I looked at half that was left, not half that was lost. »

« When you happen to get home as a loser, you have to try to find a new opportunity, to understand that you can do it. I had two options: giving up or trying to get passionate about a new project. I chose the second one, because in sport I understood that the best thing is to work on the project rather than to achieve it. Today I am a very happy person, so happy to say that the accident was the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me. »

« Life is like coffee: you can put all the sugar you want, but if you want to sweeten it, you have to turn the spoon. Nothing happens when you stay still. »

« If while you are struggling you don't feel joy, it means that you are following your ambition more than your passion. »

« I understood that the secret to living well is to enjoy the path, because when you cross the finish line, it's over and always a little melancholy takes over. »

« I wish you to transform all the things that you will be destined to live into opportunities. Many of you maybe in certain difficulties of life will only see the difficulties, but I hope that you will find in those difficulties instead the push to go on. »


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