Tried a Different Look 💃 Intentado un Look Diferente [ENG/ESP] lo

in GEMSlast year (edited)

Goodnight everyone.
Today I woke up thinking what new look to wear...

I remembered that when I was little I had very little hair and my mom made me some hairstyles that I had to put on little bows to tie my hair with adhesive tape because the hair I had was so thin and so little that there was nothing that would stay in my hair. Unless I put some duct tape on it lol
I love braids a lot, sometimes I see hairstyles with braids that are beautiful, I'm going to try to make those beautiful braids. Have my hair, I don't know how it will look on me since I'm not a hairdresser and I really don't know how to do makeup or comb my hair, I'm very classic, but what Ok, that's always the intention, so here we are going to practice beautiful braided hairstyles.

Buenas noches a todos.
Hoy me levanté pensando que nuevo look usar...

Recordé que cuando era chiquita tenía poco pelo y mi mamá me hacía unos peinados que me tenía que poner los lacitos para atarme el cabello con cinta adhesiva porque era tan finito y tan poquito el cabello que tenía que no había nada que se quede en mi cabello a no ser que le ponga algo de cinta adhesiva jajaja
Me encanta muchos las trenzas aveces veo a peinados con trenzas que son hermosas voy a intentar hacerme esas hermosas trenzas ten mi cabello no sé cómo me quedara puesto que no soy peluquera y realmente no me sé ni maquillo ni peinar soy muy clásica, pero lo que vale siempre es la intención así que allá vamos a practicar hermosos peinados de trenzas.


Nice braided hairstyle you looking so pretty. If you try to make this type hairstyle everyday then definitely you will make it easily.

Thank you very much, yes I will keep trying again and again 😊