1 HIVE and your upvote can make a difference (Day of hope)

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Hello dear readers!

Friends around here write @fucho80, some of you already know the work that I have been doing through Hope Venezuela and the food donation program to families that are fighting against the severe crisis that Venezuela has been experiencing for several years.

Hope Day / Food Delivery Program in Venezuela. (Update)

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This program has allowed us to benefit a good number of families in the small city where I live, leaving a great feeling of satisfaction by being able to help these families put bread on their table; The program has been suspended since January of this year due to the country situation, the quarantine and some personal situations of the group that supports me in this task.

However, today I met with a group of volunteers to discuss the continuity of the program and we decided to resume even on a smaller scale than what we were doing and in the next few days the program will be restarted.

Current context.

COVID-19 hit hard many nations of the world, the economy has been reduced, many people have lost their jobs and with it their hope; In the case of Venezuela it is not just about the virus, there is a prolonged economic crisis that for years has hit the economy, the pocket and the stomach of many people.

As I always say, I feel blessed to have known blockchain, cryptocurrencies, steem, @crypto.piotr and the Project HOPE community, here I have found a way to bring food to my family, it is not much that I have achieved in economic terms but if it helps me with the sustenance.

So, seeing the situation that surrounds us, we decide to stay calm, indifferent to the situation and do nothing, or we act and we try to do something to help those who suffer the most, that is why we decided to start DAY OF HOPE.

Day of hope.

This program is not something new, we have been implementing it from @hope.venezuela with the modality of clothes made by hand by my wife, my daughter and a group of collaborators and you can verify it in this publication: Day of hope, the expansion of a dream...

The novelty of the program is an idea that arises from our foray into the neediest communities, we have proposed to deliver a breakfast to children in extreme poverty, initially once a week increasing the delivery days and the number of children according to the resources we have, hence the reason for the title of this publication.

Necessary resources.

The most common breakfast in Venezuela is the Arepa, to make approximately 20 Arepas, we need 1 kilogram of Corn flour, which has a cost of approximately 7 HIVE, we need to fill those arepas approximately 1/2 Kilogram of cheese or mortadella that have a Approximate cost of 11 HIVE.

If we round this figure we would need between 18 and 20 HIVE to accomplish this task once a week, if the HIVE price is maintained and prices do not rise.

A Call to your conscience.

I want to appeal to your social conscience, asking you to help us give these children a breakfast, we are not asking you much, 1 HIVE can make a difference, in addition all the rewards of this publication so we need a generous vote and resteem this publication to reach more people.

Let's do it together and bring hope to the most depressed communities in Venezuela.



We will be giving starting with this initiative next week after this publication expires, we will come back every week with an update on what we are doing and with the opportunity to continue helping us in this beautiful task.

Note: This post will be cross-posted on both STEEM AND HIVE chains, so you can help with any currency or both if you wish.

In Venezuela we are counting on you, help us to maintain Hope!


Great initiative @fucho80, 100% upvoted and rebloged


Ein jeengervote für dich von @kadna

Hello my friend @fucho80 , upvoted and you got some donation from my side for DAY OF HOPE on the way.
Cheers 😊 and have a great day today!

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You have my upvote although small but please accept it. Nice initiative.