Cheers!!! Happy to make my very first post - introduction

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Hello beautiful people of hive. This is my first post and I'm super excited to be here. it's such an honor to be here in the hive community. I've heard so much about this amazing platform, the great people, the connection, and the earning abilities. I am super excited to be a part of this hive community. All thanks to my friend @dlioness and Mr Charles @focusnow for bringing this platform to my awareness. I'm deeply grateful . Let's get to know me.


My name is Imoh Maryann from Umunneochi LGA Abia State, Nigeria. I'm the first daughter as well as the first child from the family 5, three boys and two girls but lost two siblings at their tender age so we're currently three. I being the only girl with two boys, yeah... It's really sad I must say but all thanks to God for everything. I'm a Christian raised in a godly family by godly parents, raised especially by my Mom to be independent and hard working.



I am a student of Abia State Polytechnic. By the special grace of God I have obtained my ORDINARY NATIONAL DIPLOMA (OND) as a Science Laboratory Technologist (SLT). And currently in my HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA (HND) as a Food Science Technology student (FST). I am also a digital marketer, currently I have my online shopping Mall page on facebook @ MARYMALL though anticipating to open on instagram. As a yet to be Food Technologist I deal on cake making and anticipating into yoghurt and bread production. Here are a few of my productions:






Honestly speaking, what interests me most in my life is anything that makes me happy. I enjoy laughter so much. I love to surround myself with the right people that can build me by adding values and virtues. I enjoy cooking and giving with right reasons. I love bringing positivity to people's life.



I love associating with new personalities, getting involved in a new environment, which hive is really one to be involved in. To make new friends, reach out to people I never knew and connect with great minds as well as build new relationships. I want to explore in knowledge about nature and life. I want to expand my horizon and acquire more. And also contribute in my own way and I believe together we can achieve extraordinarily and make our hive community more interesting and fun.
Being here alone has made you all my family that I love . And Thank you so much for reading through, God bless you.

Once again I want to say thanks to my friend @dlioness and Mr Charles @focusnow for extending this opportunity to me. Thanks @roomservice for the account through I also thank @hivepeople for marketing Hive. I love you all.


Good to have you on board and always be free to ask questions if you have anything in mind. It is better to ask questions than to ask questions, I guess you know what I mean. Once again welcome to the Hive community.

@mattsanthonyit thanks dear.yes I'm happy to be here. It's nice having you too. I will ask questions if I have. Thanks once again.

Nice to see you here dear! Welcome to HIVE!!! Take care and love your account! Stay safe always my friend...

@kennyroy my friend thank you for the warmth welcome. Stay safe too.

This is a powerful introduceyourself post. I could locate your profile when I saw you followed me. Really how did you see me.

Anyway welcome to Hive. Need anything then you can reach me out on discord starstrings01#8020.

Little tips:

Try to engage with others, read other people's blog and leave a responsive comment. With that you can get noticed in the community and you will tend to earn more that way.

I hope you enjoy your time here. I am anticipating to read your next blog.

@starstrings thank dear. Yes I got value from ur little tips: I'm enjoying every moment on hive community. My next post will be out soon.

I am anticipating to read it 🤗🤗

Take care and happy new month

@imovercomer. You are highly welcome to hive.
This is a beautiful community to be, feel free to socialize and make your input. Look forward to see more of what you have got here.

Thanks ma'am, I really appreciate

Ooohh sweetie,welcome to hive,im happy you finally made it,feel free to relate with us ok

@dlioness thanks my love. Yes I will relate definitely.

Welcome @imovercomer, I wish you many successes.

Thank you sir

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Thank you sir, I'm so honored to have your comment.

Welcome @imovercomer. We are glad to have you here. Feel free to make friends, join communties, be active, read and comment on other people's posts. If you support others, they will support you too.

Yes sir, thank you very much for every step and direction. God bless you sir.