Creator (Freewrite Challenge)

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Source: Pixabay

He sets up a binocular in his new home, at the balcony. In a place where there are few houses, and the fresh air can be enjoyed especially during late afternoon. Overlooking the sunset, what a spectacle!

He actually just retired from his work. City life has taken its toll on his health. A new kind of life, slow paced, is all he need to have a better life. It will be good for his health either physically, emotionally, mentally, and of course, spiritually.

He began to appreciate the Earth's beauty by living in the countryside. Attained peace of mind, and less worries. There are times when there's deafening silence, so he just turn on the radio for music.

At night, he goes to the balcony, and view the beautiful creations. He became more appreciative to the Creator while observing the skies. He uses the binocular to see the stars closer, and takes his camera to capture some pictures.