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RE: What Does A Reblog Do? A World Of Life Under The Surface!

in GEMS6 months ago

I find myself reblogging a lot more on HIVE than I did on STEEM. The new interfaces on and separating personal posts across all communities and the reblogged content with non-community posts is helpful compared to the old system.

And yes, I did find this post because someone reblogged it.


Bad Quaker? Lol. Thanks for stopping by and for the engagement. I need to get the tipu going, and fast. 😁😁

I am just a bad Quaker, not the Bad Quaker although he had an account from STEEM under @badquakerdotcom.

Lol. There's probably the bad Catholic on Steemit as well. I'm just one of many. 🤣

Oh good. I hope we never see black smoke coming from the chimney. 😁

Oh shoot. You weren't kidding. Lol. Thanks so very much! 👍