Touring and photographing my city (Street Photography) #1

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Dear friends of Hive, in today's post I will show you the area where I live, I decided to go out with my best photographer friend (Reinaldo) to make this tour and capture some moments and show the daily life.


We started the tour going to one of the most famous squares here, it is called "La Plaza de La Pastora", since I was a child I used to visit this place with my dad and rode around with my bicycle. Undoubtedly it is one of my favorite places and one of those that transmit me a lot of peace and tranquility, to see people laughing and talking with their loved ones is something wonderful.

After walking several blocks, I took these pictures. I liked them very much because they show the true face of an area, the customs, the daily life, what is lived every day.



I also managed to capture this little guy and it made me remember several things I did in my childhood, nice memories came to my mind, of my favorite photos.


I always consider it important that photography is just that, it is remembering, living and feeling, photographs have a purpose and there is nothing more beautiful than a photograph that can transmit something so meaningful to you.


After a while we decided to get a drink and continued walking until we reached one of the main avenues of the capital and I took the following pictures:



At the end, heaven gave us this gift:


I really enjoyed this tour, plus taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do, being able to mix both in one outing is amazing for me.


I hope you liked it, see you in the next post!

Photos of my property taken with a Canon sx40 hs camera.



Simplemente unas hermosas fotografías las que compartes el día de hoy 😍😍.

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¡Muchísimas gracias, un abrazo!

Good morning my great people of this great community,is my pleasure making comments on this great community once again good morning and how was our night ad weekend.

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Your city is is a beautiful one.
It has some attractive places and buildings.

Touring around your city is a fun thing to do. The last time I tried it, I found places that I never knew existed in my city.

Nice photos!

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Thank you for your comment, you are very right.

A hug!

You're very welcome.
Thank you for the hug😊.

Nice photoshoot.

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¡Thanks you!

Good morning the place call la plaza it sound like a topic in mathematics,and the topic is so tough ad easy to understand after going through example also do alot of excises.

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