#LEARNANDEARN Contest Week #24 || What Did You Learn This Week?

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If you must know, this is the 24th week of #learnandearn contest which have turned out so good in weeks back. I understand how it feels to share what you gain to others even though it was learnt from else where, it really feels so good to share the little knowledge you gained with others. As we start up week #24, as normal I will share that I gained with you guys. As a lady you should understand why I love to share food post, this is because new recipes learnt can always be useful in the family kitchen or in your personal kitchen.

Torta de parchita para festejar el cumpleaños de mi hijo. Parchita cake to celebrate my son's birthday.


As the day goes by, new baking tip tends to be seen in different blogs and this is a new one for me. It may be a birthday post but it turned out teaching me some ingredients that can be used for preparing cake and how to make the parchita syrup. I hope you stop by to grab some baking tips.

[ESP | ENG] Rico almuerzo saludable /Delicious healthy lunch

Like I said earlier, I love food tips and gaining new experience to new recipes. Though I may not write on them at the moment but soon I will make posts on the different food tips and recipes I have learnt here in #hive. This content is no different for I never knew that you can mash potatoes that will turn out to be a lovely combo to chicken sauce, do visit this blog to know more about it.

Plátano asado con Papelón 🍌// Roasted Plantain with Papelón 🍌

This can come in handy when you want to prepare something fast and easy, surprisingly its made with only two ingredients but it really do look good and tasty to try out. This could be my next try out dish any time soon, I hope you check out the blog to understand better the steps on achieving this result.

Natural Face Cream-Face Mask || Beauty Tips

Food is not my only interest, make up is also included along side many others but I won't fail to share the amazing skin care tips given in this post for the betterment of our face. The ingredients used are all natural ingredients and I hope you tend to usefully from this content. Do stop by

Pina colada dessert with a little period at the end

I wonder how many of us do remember to check the expiring date of a product we purchase in the market, I do forget most times and some cases after I have finished consuming the drink I bought that's when I recall to check the expiring date which is of no effect any longer because I have already drank the drink. This blog made me to understand that we should always be aware of the expiring date of the product we have so as to prevent wastage.

For this week, we have a total of six entry including mine and rewards have been sent out. Do read through and learn more from the post.

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So this ends week 23 of the #learnandearn, lets go over to week 24. I understand why its difficult for you guys to enter the contest, maybe because you have to wait till when the week is about to end before writing your blog and by then you must have forgotten some of your engagements, but you can always recall going through your comment in your blog, there you can find every comment you made which can help you locate the post of each comment. By this you don't need a journal if you are the type that don't use one

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Week 24 contest is open, so start sending your entry. Through your engagement this week on Hive, its a new year with new inspirations. Engage with others on #hive and remember to learn as you do so.

You can enter this contest every week and tell us what you learned that week. Each contest runs for a week.
@brittandjosie did this for 30 week back on another platform and gave me permission.

Tell US what YOU learned for this week, minimum of 5 things and 7 is the maximum


Use the tag #learnandearn ( THATS A MUST FOR ME TO FIND YOUR BLOG )

  • I am the judge, and pick out 3 winners
  • #LEARNANDEARN Contest should be in your title along side any ideas you have
  • Contest runs per week
  • Invite a friend to share what they learnt
  • Deadline 14th May 20.00 CET
  • Engage on each post
  • Place your blog or learning curve in the comments of this blog.
  • I will upvote with my account
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If you make a blog you can use this photo or a free image from pixabay, make sure to source any image that isn't yours.

But I love creativity so surprise me with you own art please.....
Bilingual post are also accepted
I can always change or add rules if I feel it is necessary.

prizes are:
First place - 3hive
Second place - 2Hive
Third place - 1Hive
I myself am excluded from the prizes.
Thank you, don't forget to look at their entries as well.

SO all you hivers GO AND ENTER .....

If you have questions or constructive criticism please
let me know.

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I'm ready to participate in this one as well and congrats for those who emerge winners in the last contest. With what I'm seeing up there, it is as if you love food so much.

I don't eat much actually but I love to learn different food tips, its good to be universal in your cooking. I hope to see your entry soon

Wow! I've been waiting for the week 24 learn and earn, I missed the week 23 because I did not see it on time.
Yeeeeah! It's another week , there's a lot to learn from others, learning never ends.
Thanks for this kind of project.

You are welcome, you can send in your entry from now till Friday

Congratulations to all winners of last week's contest and good job to everyone who participated.

I see some food and baking tips. It has become a norm for me to check every item for its expiration date especially if it's a food item. Good selection of posts, will check them out.

Thank you for hosting this contest and for the prize. 🙂

You are most welcome dear

This is my entry for this week:
https://hive.blog/hive-148441/@jay-one/learnandearn-contest-week-24-concurso-aprender-y-ganar-semana-24. Thanks for hosting the contest 🙏

Wow! I really love the potato mash and would be easy to prepare. I already screenshotted it to prepare this. Thanks for this opportunity and this week will be another moment to learn something. Thanks a lot.

You are most welcome, I hope you send in your entry early

I am new to the platform and I am learning new things every time I visit. I hope I will soon be able to participate in the contest

Its open to Everyone, I hope to see your entry from now till Friday. Do go through the rules of the contest

Basically I am south india. In our area we dont have this type of foods, basically I am interested in rice and fish curry. I will try to prepare potato mash and it seams easy to prepare.

It really look easy to prepare, I hope you try it out

I am so glad I participated in the contest, congrats to all the participants. You guys did great.

I will do well to participate in this next contest as I am fond of this contest now 😊

Thanks dear, looking forward to seeing your next entry. Do have a great week

Thanks legend for the last week work, I am already learning new stuffs again,I hope to bring what I have learnt this week into the contest. Let me go prepare my post.

Wow!, I'm so happy you are having a nice time learning new stuff. Looking forward to seeing your next entry

Holla!! I did it
The link to my post

Hello friend happy day @jizzyjoe , I hope I am not so late this week, here is my participation.


P.S. you must be cooking like the gods by now, because you always learn things about cooking, that recipe of the roasted plantain with papelón is my favorite, this week you were sweet. 😋

Lol, though I'm not cooking like the gods now but I love to learn new and different recipe always. Once in a while, I experiment on them to know how they really taste. You are not late dear

the issue on ground is not really about making an entry but not being curated for an entry. its morale sapping

Curation always comes when you put down a good post and in some cases, a little promotion also helps

Not to sound disrespectful or like a dick. I write good post yet I see nothing. I observe that even as great as some of your posts are, you don't have the curating that they deserve

If you have studied #hive, you will agree with me that curation is also dependent on engagement. For some time now, I have not being able to meet up with engagement here but even though I may not have more time to share my normal blog I try not to draw back from the initiative I host.
Engage more, curate more, make more friends and you will also be curated

Its well.. thanks for the advise

You welcome any time

Bravo one more week, all active to learn and win.

Yea, a new week with a new set goals

Thanks for this great contest sister,even though I couldn't emerge as one of the winners,I would go again this week, looking at those foods makes me hungry 😋😋

you welcome, its always ideal to try again later than giving up totally

Thank you so much I'm glad you like it 🥰😊

You are most welcome