Congrats! You two look so good together!

Wishing you all lots of happiness and success in all your projects.


Thank you for your kind comments 😊

Thanks kaminchan,bes for you too 😁

Congrat for two of you. Eh jumpa di mana kalian? Langsa atau jakarta. Moga langgeng, doa dri abg mu selalu ya Jod

Thanks bg,dirumah nya bang abdu,makasi bg abdu doanya

Makasih doanya bang. Sy udh di Binjai sekrang Bang, udh lama sih dr tahun lalu.

So happy to see two of my favourite Hivers together

Thanks you nathan,wish me luck with her

awwwwww... I am sending a huge hug for both of you.... :)

Haha thanks priyan,hope you get another new and better 😝

:P can't say anything now :P

@priyanarc still hoping that guy 😛😛😛

🤗🤗 Thanks my Sist. Finally we did it

owww. You two are so sweet. continue to be so.♥️

Thanks you medusa,wish me luck 👋

❤❤❤ so happy to read this, love born from Hive 😊

Thanks you garni,Bcause of HIVE 👋 😁

😍😍😍 I'm so happy for you both!

Thanks you ybane

Guys Your story is so cool :D I love it

Thanks sergio,wish me luck with her 🙏

ehehe 😝

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Beautiful couple. 😍

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Hehe thanks arrliin

Thanks for loving me. So I grateful to have you in my life. ❤️🥰

Waaaaaaah!!!! ❤❤❤ Love is in the air! I'm so happy for the both of you! 😍

Hehe thanks you gingba

Selamat, semoga selalu langgeng🤲

Amiiin bg,makasi banyaak yaa

Oman udah enggak mau di ajak kawan nya duduk lagi ahh kenalin kek sama aku hahaha

Hahaha nanti ya tunggu pesta aja 🤣🤣

You two are awesome, and love spawned by the blockchain is awesome to hear about.

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Thanks you so much

Great job bro @jodipamungkas wish you all the best
To @anggreklestari Selamat ya!


Thanks fira 😁

Oh man, this is so cool! I am happy for both of you! Much love!

Hehe thanks bruh 😃

Congrats you are perfect together