How to Make Lukumades Donuts From Greece

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Yooo hello my fellow hivers and all hive communities from around the world wherever you are. Back again with me Jodi Pamungkas on the blog of food and snack recipes that are very easy for you to make yourself at home without requiring a lot of money and time. Happy Thursday to all of you who are working or vacationing with family and friends, I hope you are all doing well without any problems. Thank you to all the hivers and all the community who have supported my previous post regarding the recipe for how to make peanut butter biscuits with chocolate coating. What do you think about this recipe? Have you tried it? Submit your photo below this post and give your feedback. Well, talking a little about the Hive market now, I'm very happy because these few days Hive touched all-time highs. So, today I'm going to share a slightly different donut recipe that comes from Greece. Usually, these donuts are often referred to as Lukumades donuts. According to what I read on google, these donuts came from Greece and for those of you who know the history of these donuts, you can comment below this post. Now, let's start from the first step and see the recipe below until it's finished. Good luck and hope you like it.


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Well, to make this Lukumades donut, what you have to buy or prepare is not so expensive and you can easily get it near your house. The first thing you have to prepare is wheat flour with medium protein, full cream milk, yeast, sugar, plastic triangles and various toppings such as chocolate, chocolate chips, sprinkles or other toppings according to your wishes. If you have prepared everything I mentioned, now let's start the first step of making Lukumades donuts.


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The first step, what you have to do first is prepare a place and put 250 grams of flour with moderate protein or the equivalent of 18 tablespoons, then 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar and half a teaspoon of yeast. Then stir the mixture until everything is evenly mixed.


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The second step, after you have stirred the dough until it is well mixed, now add 250 ml of full cream liquid milk and stir the dough again until well blended. Lukumades donut dough is different from other donut dough, Lukumades dough is more liquid and moist.


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The third step, after you have stirred the dough until the full cream milk is well mixed, now all you have to do is, cover and let the dough stand until it has doubled in size. The duration of waiting for the dough to rise depends on the temperature around your house. Now let's move on to the next step.


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The fourth step, while the dough is being allowed to stand until it doubles in size, now prepare some toppings to add to the deliciousness of the Lukumades donuts. First, prepare chocolate with several flavors and prepare toppings such as chocochips, crushed chocolate and nuts to your liking.


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The fifth step, after you have left the dough until it expands and also some toppings, now prepare a plastic triangle and put all the dough into a plastic triangle and cover it with rubber so it doesn't leak. So far, what do you think? Are you having trouble? Give your feedback and at what stage are you having trouble.


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The sixth step, after you have put all the dough into a plastic triangle, now all you have to do is, prepare a frying pan and put enough cooking oil into the pan. Then, heat the cooking oil until it is really hot using low heat.


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The seventh step, after you have heated the cooking oil until it is really hot, now take a plastic triangle and cut the end of the plastic triangle. After that, squeeze the plastic triangle and cut the dough into the pan. For the dough size, you can adjust it according to your wishes. Because we make Lukumades donuts, the dough is not too big to fry.


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The eighth step, after all the dough is in the pan, now fry all the dough until all sides of the donut are brown.


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The last step, after all the Lukumades donuts have been fried until brown, now drain all the Lukumades donuts until there is no oil left in the donuts. After that, you can add several layers of chocolate with various flavors and also put some toppings on top of the Lukumades chocolate.


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And finally, after you have put the chocolate topping and other toppings according to your wishes, finally Lukumades donuts from Greece can be eaten together with your friends or family. The taste is really very good and also the texture of the donut is very soft. I do not stop eating these donuts, besides the size of these donuts are small, the taste also makes me addicted. What do you think ? Surely you are interested right? Give your feedback below this post. Thank you for those of you who have read and stopped by my post today regarding the Lukumades donut recipe from Greece. Don't forget to give your advice and support for me to be more enthusiastic about sharing other recipes. See you in the next recipe with me, Jodi Pamungkas and Ema. Good luck and hope you guys like this recipe.


I had a similar experience cooking only from Indian cuisine, the dish is called malpura. This is if these doughnuts are immersed in yogurt. Have you tried this? My favorite childhood dish.

hmm it seems very foreign to my ears, is the food delicious? looks like I have to make that dish.

I wanted to explain in more detail what dish I'm talking about, but for some reason it turned out to be difficult)) I know the name and description in Russian, when translated into English, ambiguity appears (in my opinion). And I couldn't find the recipe in English... It tastes like sweet donuts in sweet fruit yogurt)))

for the food, I've seen the recipe and indeed there are some ingredients that I can't get in my city. thanks for sharing with me about food.