It doesn't work. Thank your for your concern.

Natural remedies do work. The problem is you're not aware of the right ones.

thanks @joeyarnoldvn . That might be the problem. Actually, I already tried a few, which are suggested to me. I am not really recall the lists that I already tried. It's all vegies and fruit that claimed has positive effect and even some cure on other people who has blood numbers related issue. All of the people who suggesting me the remedies, never heard about aplastic anemia before. They tend to say it's anemia, while it's not. About the fruits, and vegies remedies, I tried for weeks, but still, the FBC's result still not good. Some suggesting me the chinesse traditional remedies, the non factorize and the factorize one, there are some list, but I neglect it since many reports show that it's bad for the kidney., especialy for kids. You know, I even had tried Brush-tailed porcupine, since it's claimed has many benefit for cureness of sickness. Still, it's doesn't show any good result.
Btw, do you have some remedies in mind? Can you let me know about it? Thanks.