waiting for the right moment to buy

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Hello friends, wherever you are, how are you, how are you today I hope that you are always healthy without lacking anything in living your days and I also always hope that what we aspire to will be achieved one day.


I took this photo When I was trading with my friend, We were waiting for the right moment to buy in the market.


that's my post. On this occasion I hope that it will be useful if there are criticisms and suggestions, please leave them in the comments column.


The best time to buy was 10 years ago! haha

Hahahh yes, .....but if for now we can trade intraday or scalping, many of my friends are trading intraday in cryptocurrencies like @amri, now he has decent assets from small capital, he's lucky!! even though he learned technical analysis from me.

I was gonna say the next best time is now, and just wait another 10 years!

Yes, you are right