Challenge - Stay home, share 3 travel photos (day 8) - #MarsInQuarantine

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Challenge - Stay home, share 3 travel photos (day 8)

Hi Friend


Stay home, share 3 travel photos

We are in times of quarantine, despite this, we do not stop and continue to live, we continue to improve every day

A few days ago I learned that there was a challenge which consisted in sharing with all of you three photographs from three trips we made before this global quarantine.

I thought this initiative was great so I decided to start my challenge by sharing with you all my travels through these photographs.

Trips - Adventures - Discoveries

  • The three photographs I will share with you are the following:

(Day 8)

Trip No. 1

Tour of the square "The Ancla"

Walking around El Ancla Square was very useful for us, since we used this place to train and get distracted for a while. We used the walk in the square to jog and train our bodies for a while.

Trip No. 2

Walk along the Colonial Promenade in Waraira Repano Park

The Park Colonial Waraira Repano is a highly touristic space in which you can distract yourself for a while. This place is located in the middle of the Waraira Repano National Park, it is a highly touristic place with a potential to experience good moments in the company of those most special beings in our lives.

Trip No. 3

Telecommunication antennas - San Cristobal Pine Forest

Climbing the antennas of the Bosques is one of our most intense adventures, since there are many risks, however, every time we climb we take the necessary precautions to avoid any kind of improvisation. From the heights of these antennas we can see a large part of the city of San Cristobal.

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Such a wonderful memories you have there friend.
Happy to see your safe, Stay Blessed brother.

@bien Thank you for those kind words!
Grateful that you came to my blog!

My pleasure bro, Greetings from Philippines.😊😊