A very busy day making different kinds of "Kimchi" with my brother

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Happy weekend guys!

Today is supposedly our restday but me and my brother try to make different kinds of kimchi coz we want to try a new sideline business because in our current situation we still can't go back to our normal jobs so we need to find other source of income to support our daily needs.


This is our first try on making kimchi for business so we decided to make not so many, we're planning to sell this first to our close friends and relatives so we can ask them if our kimchi taste good or we need to adjust our ingredients.


Making kimchi is not easy and it takes a lot of time especially in the preparations, it took us one whole day just for preparing the sauce and vegetbles and another 1 day for marinating the vegatables.




First we peel the vegetables (chinese cabbage, radish and baby radish) then we slice it and marinade those vegetables in salt for at least 1 hour then after marinating in salt we wash the vegetbles in running water 2 to 3 times.



Then we also made 2 types of kimchi sauce(dry and watery) we use the dry kimchi sauce for marinating the cabbage and the watery sauce for marinating the radish and baby radish.

20200719_223034.jpg And at last! After more that a day of marinating the vegetbles here's our final product, for me the taste of these kimchies is more than good, but we also need to know the opinion of others regarding on the taste and texture so we need to hear the comments of our first customers which is our close friends and relatives Lol, I'm hoping that they will also like these kimchies.

That's all and thanks for your time spent reading this, till my next posts...


How rich and delicious this friend looks. Regards..

Yes, it was delicious and my favorite side dish... by the way thanks for dropping.. ^^