You still think Justin is a man of his word and wants to negotiate with our witnesses and the community? WRONG!

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A week ago @binance-hot initiated a full powerdown, and approximately 12 hours ago the very first of the 13 payments was liquidated.

2.442.443.643 STEEM tokens...

20200316 16_37_37SteemWorld ~ binancehot.png

But they had been holding another 1.7 mill STEEM in liquid form as well. Now why they haven't enabled STEEM withdrawals all this time from their platform remains to be seen...

Or is it because...their plan is so damn good and they give zero fucks about what we say?

Six hours after @binance-hot received their first payment...BANG! Almost 814K STEEM was transferred to @hkdev404. Does this account seem familiar? Of course it does...

But wait. It gets better....

20200316 16_38_14SteemWorld ~ binancehot.png

30 minutes later, another 1.8 mill STEEM was transferred to the very same account

20200316 16_38_38SteemWorld ~ binancehot.png

So far, more STEEM has been transferred to @hkdev404 than the weekly payment itself...

But it gets even better....

You see, @justinsunsteemit wants to make sure that the moment he'll power up those tokens he'll have the supermajority of the top 20 witnesses aka --->at least 17 of them under his control. And since 2.6 mill STEEM might not get the job done, he decided to feed @hkdev404 account with one more extra million STEEM...just...3 hours ago...

20200316 16_39_02SteemWorld ~ binancehot.png

So @binance-hot received 2.44 mill and transferred to one of Justin's accounts 3.6 mill STEEM.


Oh, in case you wonder...the account was created 13 days ago, using the anonsteem service to cover their tracks...exactly when the #SteemHostileTakeOver started.

20200316 17_05_53hkdev404  Busy.png

Needless to mention that this account votes for the sock puppets right? Right.

By the end of the day, we'll be lucky if we can hold the top 4 witness spots...just to prevent a HF...and a complete takeover....

@proxy.token ...still waiting for your comment...Are all Koreans fine with how things play out since yesterday?

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Have a great one people.

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maybe we need to shame binance again via twitter

Wow, so you think Sun is preparing to deploy a hardfork after achieving a supermajority?

Not sure what this would buy him as it'd most likely result in the community running the existing protocol and there being two chains going forward. At that point, it's reasonable for the community to erase the ninja-stake from the legacy chain via their own backwards incompatible protocol change.

so you think Sun is preparing to deploy a hardfork after achieving a supermajority?

Either that (he talked about Steem token swap on that very first tweet of his) or he just wants to make sure that he'll be in charge and that his stake won't be frozen "threatened" again...

Not sure what this would buy him as it'd most likely result in the community running

That's exactly the part that he still doesn't seem to understand...

A friend of mine has put me as his witness proxy, but I don't know what should I do. How do I copy my witnesses for him?
Please someone help me!

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You don't have to do anything. His stake votes what you vote automatically. If you are not sure what to vote then proxy your account to me. I keep a close eye on witness rankings every day.

My votes are on the 28 first real witnesses and two real witnesses that are not among them. Using @steemworld I entered in his account and he had no votes on witnesses. That was the reason of my question. Thank you for your fast response!

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In my opinion it doesn't matter, if Korean are with us or versus us, becuase Justin will get more SP anyway. It's just like few weeks more and we will lose all the spots, all the binance founds will be transfered to dev account just to make hostiletakeover happen.

This is the end, they don't care about our steem blockchain, about our dapps and other stuff. SMT may never be implemented, steem be destroyed and splited into trx20 token or other worthless token.

After some weeks even unexperienced developers will know how to make hard fork, which can change everything!

Sorry, but I don't see the future here even, if I still believe. There is only small chance to be good future at this moment.

The future is with blocktrades and the chain he and others are putting together. They will fork this chain we know as Steem onto a new name. All of the existing balanced will transfer except Justin and his posse. Keep a close eye on blocktrades for developments.

So sad what is happening to us. They will insist on taking control of our governance no matter what. They are deliberately deceiving us.

There is plenty of SP still not voting...

It's not over yet..

Let's fight until the end. It is a worthwhile battle.

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All the more reason to prepare the fork, I say let him have his steem and steemit and port it to Tron as he originally intended he can take with it all those bid botters and spammers and we’ll do our thing

When blocktrades says he wants to move quick, I fucking home he means like tomorrow!

Oh boy....

Oh yeah...

Not sure if you saw blocktrades announcement of a fork he and other developers are planning. We will move all existing Steem data to a new name and chain. Justin can have a fun party by himself.

I saw it dude! Steemskate will be migrating to the HIVE (new chain's name) chain.
Something tells me that the new token name will be HONEY (HON)

Loool hope they don't choose that name.

It's funny though! Hahaha!

Honey will be a tough name for a token lol

That's mad, boi! He's an evil motherfu%ker!

It is what it is...we should just keep doing what we do all this time. Keep powering up and expose him on Twitter

Fork him the fuck out and leave him holding the bag or we all lose.

If Justin wins, blame the witnesses for not doing their fucking jobs tbh, smh.

That's the nuclear option...

We need to win this race without a fork..

We won't.

It's either fork this leech off the chain before its too late, or steem dies.

No in between.

That's the nuclear option...

Be sure to use nukes before is too late.

Well, He can do a hard fork and take over, but I think, that will just make him more poorer. The community will ultimately find out some way.

He needs 17 consensus witnesses to do that. He can't do shit...yet

Maybe he agreed with binance to use the power-down funds to vote their witness until they can fork the chain. He may have shown them SP numbers that make this feasable before 13 weeks.

Once they fork, they perform a token swap and binance announces that every platform user can "withdraw steem" (but it will be a token on TRON). They could legally say that the tron token is the "official STEEM" because the majority of voting witnesses aka "community" (in the perverted vision of Justin Sun) decided it to be.

I guess that's the plan.

Thanks a lot for this post. I needed to see something like this in the trending page. They keep talking about nogotiation. They keep writing for him open letters. They keep tagging him and asking him things. That's all not gonna work. He doesn't give a shit about anyone here. All he cares about is to takeover this chain and live here alone with his bots. Of course we will keep fighting and maybe we still have the chance to save the chain. But, if that not gonna happen, we will just be happy to move to a new better chain and leave him alone here like a jerk. Steem community will live forever and even if we will have a new name, we will always be connected and we may build something even better than steem.

Oh totally sharing this and rereading it.

We will see if David comes to negotiate for Tron and Justin in MSP waves ..

Yeah some crazy things coming soon...

Justin is preparing for a hardfork. Dump steem then leave. Why don't we just move to steem classic or other name. Then power down SteemTron dump to binance for Bitcoin.

A new Steem is on the way. Get ready ....

Let’s Fork this thing like @blocktrades suggests. I’m ready

Get the hell off Binance and all exchanges. Get ready for the Fork and Airdrop. We are outta here.

Congratulations @mindtrap!
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What Justin wants is not a negotiation... It's a domination over everything.