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Dear Hive members,

Who am I? I think we all ask ourselves this question from time to time. Has anyone found the answer to this question? :) Human beings change over time. That's why I think the answer to this question also changes frequently. Now I would like to introduce myself to you a little bit. At least as far as I know. :)

My name is Samet and I am thirty-five years old. I'm old, what do you think? :) I'm a financial advisor. But unfortunately I don't do my own work for some reason. I am currently self-employed. We had a business and it was closed due to the pandemic. We are going through very difficult days. But every difficulty has a way out. I believe good days are waiting for us. I always try to be positive. It's good to be positive.

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I have a humorous personality. I like to laugh and make laugh. Laughing reflects a cheerful mood. Also, laughing has many benefits for our body. It reduces tension, relieves stress, relaxes muscles, reduces anxiety. So laugh and laugh a lot.

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I am married. I have a beautiful wife. In fact, some of you know her. She's been a member here for a while. She shares good recipes for you. She's @ssygmr . She loves this platform very much and asked me to become a member too. I didn't want to break her insistence. I am now a member of this platform. I believe I will establish good interactions here.

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My wife and I love to eat. That's why we gained quite a bit of weight after we got married. My wife has been on a diet for a while. Along with her, I also paid attention to what I ate and lost ten kilos. I always have to support my wife. She is my biggest chance in this life.

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I believe that I will share good posts for you. I would be grateful if you could help me improve my content and communication. :)

Thank you for giving a time.


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Welcome nlcsmt!
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Welcome :)

thank you so much ;)

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Welcome welcome welcome to HIVE! I think you get the point why it's good to be here. You know this is like a family a community which support all over the world. You have knowledge here and also people who loves to connect with you. So thanks for following ;-) Thanks for beeing here then I loved your post.

Nice wife, nice amazing food and actually there is always a way out. So I love to show people how they can earn serious money online. The HIVE is one of the topic ;-)

Have a great day and enjoy the journey here on the chain.
Greets from Vienna

thank you, I believe that I will learn how to earn serious money through you and your people who love to help, as I find time from my job as soon as I can, thank you again, don't forget to support @schmidi

May it's me or it's other person. But trust me there a serious way to change complete life. The HIVE is one ... If you want we can connect also on discord or over the chat on @peakd ;-) Greets from Vienna

haha @ssygmr made you sign up? :D
Now I know who eats all the yummies :p

Welcome to Hive!

Thank you, I'm here thanks to my wife, I'm happy to be here, I'm eating the yummy

Welcome nlcsmt to HIVE!
You wanna learn some specials here? Fine!
Maybe with some !BEER and !PIZZA and a glass of !WINE you can relex, look around a little bit and sometimes you will find some !LUV in posts. 🙃

Have a nice day and a lot more days with fun here!

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thank you I'm always ready to learn something a student I never say no to a pizza and a glass of wine


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Welcome to Hive !BEER

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thank you sir, do not be missing for your support, I am a fan of all kinds of beer :))

You are welcome !BEER

Hey @nlcsmt, here is a little bit of BEER from @outlinez for you. Enjoy it!

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@nlcsmt Welcome to HIVE

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thank you my friend you are welcome