Tremendous Things Happening For Hive, Come On 2022!

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Finally Getting Into The Spirit

Over the past few years I've not really had much of a Christmas spirit, if I'm being honest. When little Rick was born, I knew we were going to have to pick it up a bit and start getting into the holidays again. Last X-Mas he was only about 5 months old so we didn't have to do much. But this year we felt like he would really get a kick out of opening presents.

Our X-Mas tree just out of reach of @little-ricky

For the first time in at least 10 years, we put up a Christmas tree! That may seem crazy to some, but for us it was just too much of a hassle. We spent so much time working long hours that we couldn't muster the energy to put up the tree and all the lights.

This year I set my mind to it and actually enjoyed it for once. I've been dealing with depression and personal issues for years now, but have really been coming out of it. One thing about being deeply depressed is that when you are in the throes of it, you can't even imagine that there is a way to feel the joy that you used to. However, when you finally start to peek out, those old happy feelings that you thought were gone forever start to creep back in.

He had an absolute blast opening his gifts!

Something about watching my son tear into those gifts and get excited about his presents really sparked something in me. I guess you would call it Christmas Spirit!

I can definitely be a bit of a negative Nancy when I start ranting about the commercialism of holidays and how they are all a scam to get people to waste their money. The stress of the expectation of the perfect present can be difficult for a person like myself who isn't a natural at gift hunting.

That being said, something was different about me this year. Perhaps it was what we've all been going through with the pandemic. Somehow I was able to let all of my cynicism and negativity go and really enjoy the experience of Christmas shopping. That was very new for me, but I'll take it!

Hive - The Gift that Keeps Giving

As for me, I got some great gifts this year. For one, @afturner got me a new XBox Series X, which she had to hunt for far and wide. That was a X-Mas miracle in itself! She also got me some more Garbage Pail Kids to add to my massive collection. I've been collecting them since 1985 when they first came out! Some things never change.

But the biggest gift of all is all the great progress that Hive has been making. So much has been happening and continues to happen! When Hive broke $3, my eyeballs almost exploded! Just go over to @hiveio's page and check this post out to see some of the great things that have been happening.

One of the biggest things I am excited about is the upcoming Ragnarok game. How cool is it that the NFTs will be airdropped to Hive holders? How awesome is that? Be sure to check out the game design document. This is just amazing stuff, guys. A big shout out to @theycallmedan for financing this and making it possible.

Also I hear there are going to be some airdrops from Leo Finance / Cub. I don't know enough to talk about it, but there are plenty of people who do. Check out this post by @edicted. He talks about even more stuff that's going down.

Everyone is talking about how much incredible stuff is happening with Hive these days. I get a strong feeling that we are about to seriously get noticed in the greater crypto community. In a big way.

Here's looking forward to 2022, my friends! I can't wait.


I've been dealing with depression and personal issues for years now,

I am so sorry to hear that. I never understood what depression truly meant until this year when I lost my dad and things began to go downhill... Life felt empty for several reasons and I was ready to let go... I am feeling a bit better these days...

Looking at your beautiful little-ricky gives me so much joy and I know he is a bundle of joy and blessing to you too... I hope and pray that in addition to him, other things you desire would fall in pleasant places...

Tough times don't last but tough people do. Hang in there Champ!
Sending you tons of love and hug ❤️ @nuthman ...

So sorry to hear about your dad. I can't even imagine. It scares me to think about it myself, but I know it is coming as my parents are both getting up there in age.

The hardest thing about life is that the harder you love, the more you are vulnerable to hurt. But I think that love is what this life is truly about, and learning to sit with emotions, be they wonderful or difficult.

Little Ricky has gotten me this really difficult time, I must admit. He is super hard to deal with sometimes, it is true. But having him in my life is just amazing.

Thank you for your kind words!

harder you love, the more you are vulnerable to hurt

I told someone this recently, this is so true.

Little Ricky has gotten me this really difficult time, I must admit. He is super hard to deal with sometimes, it is true.

Yet we love them so much...
You are most definitely welcome.

Uh I loved that book, there is a book precisely titled like this tough times don't last but tough people do.

Yes yes 😊

I can't speak to the depression part, I have never had to deal with that like I know some do. I do understand about not being in the Christmas Spirit. Not having kids, it is kind of just another day for my wife and I. We stopped buying each other presents a long time ago because when we want something we just get it. The year our basement flooded we didn't put up a tree at all. This year we did and just took it down yesterday. My wife was a bit more in the spirit this year, so that made it easier for me. I didn't know you were so into the Garbage Pail kids. Did you pick any of the NFT's up over on WAX? If you didn't and you have a WAX address I will send you a couple. Just share it with me.

That's the funny thing, we are the same way in that when we want something we just buy it. However, she just likes the whole gift exchanging process. It can be a bit stressful for me.

I may be remembering wrong but I think you were the one who told me about the wax GPKs when they came out. I tried to get some but they were sold out before I could. I was so annoyed! My wax address is ricklnuthman. I would love to own a couple! I am always too late when trying to buy them from Topps directly.

I just sent you over a handful of cards, including a couple that are your namesake. You can view them here:

Oh wow, thanks man! How awesome. Merry X-Mas to me 😁

I have the physical versions of Prickly Rick and Virus Iris in storage. Thanks for the Joe Exotic ones as well, I tried to buy them when they came out too but missed it.

Happy to help out. You seem to be more of an afficionado than me, so I think you will appreciate them more!

Depression is real and its eating up so many family's,even as individual depression has caused so many people their life's,but the most important thing is that when one is depressed speak out talk to a friend or pray to God on whatever one us going trough at the moment, read motivational books and gradually it will flew away, do have a wonderful day @bozz

Let me see what I can do for you. I have to dig back into my stash and see what I have.

Hello my friend! How bad to hear that you suffer from depression, but I am also glad that through your baby you have been touched by the spirit of Christmas, the contact with loved ones brightens your life.

Today, finally after 7 long years I was able to come to my country and embrace my parents and siblings again. That makes me very happy and I wish that all mankind can feel happy in these holidays.

I send you a big hug, and I wish that this new year will be full of blessings for you and your family. 🤗☃️🎄

Aww how cool that you get to be with your family! I love it. 7 years is a long time to be apart. Sometimes I feel sad because my family is spread all over the US and I go years without seeing most of them.

Even though we live in the same country, we might as well live on different sides of the world. Especially since Covid hit.

My depression is starting to get a lot better which I am super grateful for. Every day I am trying my best to see things from a more positive perspective. This makes all the difference!

That is one tall and skinny Christmas tree. Guess it had been dieting for 10. years?

Congrats on the Series X! Looking forward to Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, or Gears 5?

All of these benefits for believing in Hive for so long are stacking up. We are sitting in a pretty good place right about now and I sense it continuing to get even better.

Haha, we picked that tree on purpose to fit in that spot. It is like 9 feet tall and super slim.

I got the Game Pass Ultimate with it and was able to start playing Halo Infinite right away. Haven't had much time to dig in yet. I also installed the Matrix demo for Unreal Engine 5 which looks amazing. I can't wait for the Unreal 5 games to start flowing. It is a game changer.. pun intended.

Ragnarok might be the first blockchain game that I'm going to play. I read the announcement post yesterday and looks like it's going to be a smart and captivating game. Hope I won't be disappointed.

I am just thrilled that stuff is being made. There is always that fear that it will be half baked (which is how I feel about most blockchain projects) but we are still in the early stages of this whole genre. Fingers crossed!

I am soo happy for you! I can feel the joy behind your post for real. What a great way to reinstall the Xmas spirit! Have a wonderful 2022, I am sure it will be marvelous🤗

And a happy New Year to you, @creativemary! I am excited for things to come. I am ready to put all the misery of the past 2 years behind me.

That's the spirit! Why look back when you can look straight up and build a better future? I like this, keep it up🤗

@nuthman Seriously you have done a grate job with the decorations in your home and am sure you enjoyed your self this year, I also made it a mandate to celebrate with my wife and thus tear we move to the family house to celebrate Xmas and new year with my mother and my grandmother, it was all fun for my wife and my baby celebrating with our family's is one of the best thing that can ever happened to someone and you have just achieved that, and for depression am happy you are coming out of it, have some fun play games, reed books go to cinema and forget about your problems,because you deserve to be happy for your self and for your family 👪

It's wonderful that you get to spend time with your mother and grandmother as well. I am so far away from my extended family that sometimes it makes me sad. You're right that it is one of the best things that can happen to someone. Family is everything, my brother!

And a Happy Late New Year to you and yours!

Thanks for being a part of my success stories @nuthman can i have your discord?