Did We Make the BIGGEST MISTAKE? (Is Naming Meat Animals Wrong?)

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Let's continue, even if it ain't easy...

In this video, we finish culling our extra roosters. To choose only the top three or four out of over twenty roosters is a difficult enough task, much like actually culling them. In this episode, we consider if naming the roosters made it more difficult to cull them. Was it a mistake? Let us know what you think, and enjoy the show!

Did We Make the BIGGEST MISTAKE? (Is Naming Meat Animals Wrong?) - VIDEO

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I think names are fine, the choice of names is key though. If you have a pig, a chicken, and a beef cow you might name them Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. If you have a bunch of chickens (or roosters) you might give them names like Fried, Cactitore, Roasted, or Grilled. Now when you "cull" them and call them by name you are made aware that their purpose has always been to this end.

Papa, it's not a mistake to name the edibles except in the case of the young roosters you could have named them Colonel, Harlan amd SANDERS 🤣🤣🤣

My local friends have named their calves names like Ribeye, Hamburger, etc 👍👍👍

In Russia, bulls, pigs and roosters are given their own names: Mishka, Borka and Petka. Roosters are mainly called Petya, Petka.

As in Pecker??
Or suchka