My 2nd Day of Ramadan—Break Fast Challenge.

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As I posted about the first day of My Ramadan last night. I am publishing an article about my daily Ramadan 1 day prior.
Basically, the post is about my daily activities during Ramadan and how I am spending my Ramadan time in lockdown. Last time I posted about my day and then I saw a challenge by @syedumair about Breaking fast. So I would like to participate in it.
So the challenge is basically about posting about the stuff by which you break your fast with at least 3 photos of that stuff.

In my last post of Ramadan, I already mentioned how I break fast as per religious beliefs we have to follow that but still, that is not enough to fill your hunger. So we eat a lot more things.
Let me tell you how I Break Fast:

Watermelon and Mangoes


Captured by @peerzadazeeshan

Watermelon is rich in water, as we keep fasting for almost 16 hours, so our body is in much need of water. That's why watermelon is most common fruit to eat at Iftar time.



Captured by @peerzadazeeshan

As I already mentioned in my Ramadan post that dates are considered as traditional and religious fruit to eat during Iftar time. Dates come from Saudi Arabia to most of the muslim countries. Mostly during this month of Ramdan because every muslim break his fast with dates.

Musk Melon


Captured by @peerzadazeeshan

Musk Melon is not much commonly eaten by people at Iftar time because it is considered as heavy fruit. In my Iftar, I ate some pieces of it because it tastes delicious and its aroma of smell is literally the wow.

So that is basically for todays break fast challenge by @syedumair.
I would like to invite @theycallmedan, @appreciator, @bdvoter, @ocdb to support this challenge. As it will run for an entire month and most of the users are on fast during this month which will be much better and also an announcement of a new challenge.


Thank you.

I hope you guys liked my post.

Keep Supporting.




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