Moher the Maine Coon - drawing

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I also love cats.
Cats are very different from dogs. Duuh...

Why is it?

When a dog wags its tail, it means it is friendly.
When a cat wags its tail, it means it is preparing
to attack

When a dog lays its ears down, it means it is submissive.
When a cat lays its ears down, it means it is furious.

If you hear a growl from a dog, it means it is angry
If you hear purring from a cat it means it is pleased.
And there's more. Cats and dogs are kinds of opposites.

Deal with it.






Wao something new to learn from your article.
I think you have both a cat and a dog in your house, so you know their every move and aspects better.

Your sketching is admirable.💕
Thank you for sharing a beautiful piece✨

Yup I Have and always had multiple cats and dogs in my life. I had 4 (2/2) of them at the time one time. So I get my knowledge from real life :)

Yes sir, after reading your article, I realized that you can explain these things only when you have both of them.

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