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¡Sticky Thingy!

In one Sticky Thingy whose business model is that one exclusive only for blockchain professional fluffers. For all those whose headgear, mohawks, headdresses, dreadlocks, bouffant afros and beehive hairstyle roar & howl:

F.R.E.E.D.O.M. and D.E.C.E.N.T.R.A.L.I.Z.A.T.I.O.N.

Hive Blog

Yeah! nothing of po$h hairdos, haircuts, hairstyles and ninjamining coiffures allowed ala Ned or Justin knack and shinglings. No, no, no.

The only intertwines, embroils and entanglements here from now on are gonna be combed collectively through consensus with the proper tool by the whole community and its free members.

Hive Power

Holy Moly! ...I almost can't wait until this Friday March 20th, 10am EST to perform my apotheosis triumphal entry for the official inauguration of this sticky brand new HIVE platform. Oh yeah, I can see myself already, just in this moment trespassing the entrance with style.

Can you imagine yours too?

Yeah, I'm sure you can imagine your proud entry and sticky stay too.

Meanwhile until next Friday. Let's just enjoy the view in calm to protect ourselves better against the coronavirus while locked up at home creating & publishing shit posts like this as always. Yeah! you know how to do it!

And let's also enjoy for a few days of some smiles and laughter watching the funny show that some old Steemians & Steemitans®, some Witnesses & Devs, some steemtronized members and some illustrious cats of few of the asian communities are going to offer us in the whole negotiation with each other. Oh yeah! I can envision that show already.

That's gonna be funny!!

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Cranky Gandalf

Cheers!! :)


your writing style entertains me :-)

Haha thank you. That's the idea. Forcing everyone to mindlessly click and READ everything until the end while they are still amused.

After that, everyone may already start to reflect on my entertaining writing style harder & further. }:)

What's the command on the popcorn?

Hahaha, seems like the popcorn command rather found your little Vzlan ass anyway :D

Nasty afro Pinky hivy Gandalf.
What a heavy mix 😆

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Oh yeah my dear friend. A nasty Afro pinky Hivy indeed. :)

Sheesh!! now I will have to figure out how to change the hairdo to my usual sig at the end of my posts. LoL

I will look forward to your humor and observations in the HIVE!

I'm thinking you might consider a pink Afro hairdo for the occasion?

I'm thinking you might consider a pink Afro hairdo for the occasion?

Oh yeah! I'm working on it to revamp my new pinkyish Hive sig. :)

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