Yummiest Butter Chicken & Lachha Parantha Combo // Butter Chicken Recipe // Murg Makhani Recipe

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Butter Chicken or also commonly known as Murg Makhni is the heart and soul of punjabis. It is a much loved dish and an all time party favourite. Well chooked Chicken pieces in smooth, creamy gravy is something one cannot resist. I used a special butter chicken masala from masala monk which made my dish super tasty. To relish this yummy dish, I made Lachha parantha (without any tandoor). Let’s see how we make this special combo at home.

Masala Monk's Butter Chicken Masala: https://www.masalamonk.com/product/butter-chicken-masala/

Recipe Credits: Mohit Arora

If you are wondering how to make yummy Restaurant Style Butter Chicken at home then this recipe is for you. A special Punjabi / North Indian Dish served at restaurants everywhere. This is a restaurant style butter chicken recipe!


Chicken - 1/2 KG
Tomatoes- 3-4
Onion - 1 Big Size
Ginger garlic paste- 1 TBSP
Butter Chicken Masala- 2-3 Spoon
Butter as required
Fresh cream for garnish

For Lachha Parantha
Use Flour as required
Top it with Crushed Dried Mint Leaves & Chilli Flakes
Spread 1 TBSP Ghee

Recipe by Richa Singh (https://www.instagram.com/momaboutfood/)
Edited by Prashant Bhalla (https://www.youtube.com/c/hungrypb)

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Omg. This looks so tastyyy!!! I cannot stop looking at the picture. Love love Butter Chicken. <3

Thank you so much @sugandhaseth. I love butter chicken as well.