Mango Kheer Recipe // Summer Special Mango Dessert Recipe // आम की खीर Aam Ki Kheer // Richa Singh

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Mango Kheer Recipe Is A Must Try In Summers. Rice kheer is a favourite Indian dessert made with basmati rice, milk and nuts. This is made on a lot of occasions to celebrate happiness and moments of joy and also is widely made at religious occasions. I have added a twist to this amazing dessert by adding the king of fruits “Mango” to it. Mango is loved by all of us and so is kheer. Imagine what a deadly combination this can be. Let’s see how it looks. If you are looking for a decent recipe on how to make Mango Kheer at home then this one is for you. Super tasty, super yummy summer special dessert.

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Boiled Rice - 1/2 Cup
Or you can take grind basmati rice
Mango pulp - 1 Cup
Milk - 500 ml
Sugar - 3-4 TSP
Saffron Strands - 3-4

Recipe by Richa Singh (
Edited by Prashant Bhalla (

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