Feeling very Restless Being at Home so Much

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Don't get me wrong...

I love being around my Family here in the confines of my house. But it does get a little antsy when there is not much to
do except watch Americas Got Talent or reruns of The Andy Griffith Show. We did go swimming for a little bit at the neighborhood pool. But still cannot get this restlessness out of my system.


sure helps a lot when it comes to this. I plan to try to stay active and keep busy with posting and commenting as well as curating.

Wondering if any of you...

feel this way when you are quarantined in the house for an extended period of time? Let's hear your stories ??


I enjoy the time at home in terms of creativity because there are a lot of things that I can do to the fullest ... but I do miss gathering with my closest friends in person and in outdoor activity.

No doubt, I miss that as well

I guess i'm lucky. i'm not quarantined, and i prefer to be on my own most of the time anyway.

That must be nice

At home I always have something to do, and I am distracted, but most of all, self-isolation affected my children: they gained weight and became irritable, constantly swearing among themselves. It seems everyone is already tired of this.

I love my time at home but I guess I was also lucky to be provided with the needed tools that will help me enjoy my time at home. Though I have not been quarantined.

I'm in Pakistan and bord as hell here in my area is complete lockdown no shop is open and have to wait hours for food locale service cant go out its boring as hell
also, slow internet that some load of shit


I am very happy that I am able to get back into my office and get some work done outside of the house. It has been a real refresher for me.

It was hard the first weeks to get used to staying at home. The grocery store was the only outing.

We are not quarantined now but physical distancing is in effect here on PEI.