Finally, Good to be Back Home but Life Took an Unexpected Turn...

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Well it had been nearly three weeks since I have been back in my home in South Texas.


my trip was extended because of the passing of my Father on July 4th night. He lived a long life of 90 years old. He had frontal lobe dementia and had not been himself whatsoever for a few years now. He literally died in my arms as I was helping him back into bed for his nightly sleep. It was pretty fast. He had a clot to the heart which caused a heart attack. The actual official death date was july 5th at 12:38 am.

My Dad...

was a really good man, Honest to a "T" and worked his butt off to provide for his family of 5 sons and a wife. I was similar to him in some ways but different from him in so many ways. However, this does not mean he was loved any less. And the loved he showed me was something I will always cherish.

Cheers to my Dad...

who will be missed for some time to come. Rest in peace , Dad, as I know you are in a much better place.

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Hope you've been able to solidify yourself somewhat in the weeks since you've been home.

He literally died in my arms as I was helping him back into bed for his nightly sleep. It was pretty fast.

While no words can ease the impact such a loss brings, I wanted to share how blessed this is compared to many. So many pass away estranged from those they love, or alone in homes or hospitals separated from those with bonds of love. Passing on as their last glimpse here is cold and uncaring.

While I'm sure there are several aspects for you that weigh heavily with grief, what a blessing for your dad to not only be surrounded by those who cherish and respect him, thankful for the mark he made on their lives. But to more so be held by one of his sons while going. Please forgive if my words are to familiar with you, but I can't help but read your words with awe that your dad was not only not alone, he was actually held in those final moments. Despite the heavy loss, I can't think of a better honor for a man who has walked a code of honor as you tell of your dad than to be able to witness that garden he cultivated (his family/you) to his last moment.

Thank you for sharing. I've been watching my feed for your return, hoping all is well (as well as possible).

Thank you @practicalthought. Your words really resonant with me and you are so totally right. We were all there with him in those final moments. And earlier during the day he even got to have a glass of wine and some awesome steak my mom fixed.

Could not really ask for more than that. Again, thank you for your kind words :)

I cannot even begin to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. Such a harsh blow right after your brother. May they both rest in peace.

Be well, my friend. Let life rest for a while.

Denise, you always write the right words at the right time when I need to hear them the most. Thank you so much for being you :)

I lost my father recently too and at an early age to it was like you lost your support like your house backbone

but you gotta pray for them and look forward to future


Amen to that @attajuttjj and my sincerest condolences for your own loss

Sorry for your loss but your lucky you were with him tell the end rest in peace

Sorry for your loss. It's a good age and it might have been difficult for the last few years but nothing can make up for a parent.

Ar dheis de go raibh an anam. 😢

Sorry for the huge loss man.

Sorry to hear about your loss. With all the stress of what has been going on in the world I'm sure it was tough to go through this.

Thanks Brian that means a lot coming from you :)

Sorry for your loss. That is always rough.

Yes. especially after just losing my brother 6 weeks ago. Thanks ogp

It is sad to know about your loss. It is really painful to see our dear ones dying in front of us.

Thanks @munawar1235 and yes so true about the pain but I guess on the positive side is I got to be there with him when he left.

Sorry to hear that! It is good that he was able to pass quickly though. I wish your family all the best as they work through this difficult time.

As always your words are so much appreciated, @bozz :)

I pray for the forgiveness of your father's soul and may Allah grant him heaven.And you'll be fine and safe.

Beautiful family photo.

What a lovely tribute to your father, Rob. My condolences on his passing. May he R.I.P.🙏

Oh, my dear @robertandrew I understand your loss. My mother left me suddenly in December last year. It's sad part of our life!

My deepest condolences on the death of your father.