Got 2 new Lazy Boys, 85 inch Crystal TV Screen ,and a Treadmill for the Den

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(Below) The Lazy Boys finally came today after waiting about 3 weeks with them. Oh relaxing as the name says :)


( Below) We got the tv the week before ;ast and it is great to watch Movies on and Sports as well.

( Below )
The treadmill we got around the same time as the TV. For the money spent it's about as good as you can get. It's fitness club quality .

Anyway, hope it does not seem like I am trying to show off. Iam just happy the way our front Den area is turning out :)


It's so nice.. 85 inches is massive man..

Yeah it's pretty big lol

I see the chairs and already wanna sit in... Lol. The TV is quite nice too

Very nice! I miss our treadmill. It died and we replaced it with an elliptical, but I never really took to it. We ended up selling that before we moved to our new house. I don't think you are showing off. It looks like you have a really comfy space coming together there!

I love elliptical trainers. The treadmill is mainly for my wife and two kids. I do the stationary bike in our bedroom

Shit man, that looks comfy. Can I come over for some video game vegging? HA!

Sure thing :)

Wow. That screen is huge. I cant imagine the experience of watching a movie or a game on it. It must be nice. Plus the chairs look sooo cozy. Not sure if i would make it to the end if a movie wihout dozing off in those. Lol

Yeah , that dozing off could be a problem lol :)