Read my Fourth Novel called "Educated" in this Pandemic and It was Great

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"Educated" was a pretty easy read. And delved deep into societal issues including domestic abuse, bi polar disorder, polygamy and a slew of other topics.

The Story...

is a true memoir centered around Tara Westover and her Life in the mountains of Idaho as a devout Mormon. The patriarch, her Father, was a self described End of Times follower who forbid his family to be educated at schools or treated by any doctors. He said the Government was totally evil and everyone who chose to believe in it or have their kids go to medical doctors or school were at the mercy of this evil machine. To him, mainstream society was insane and basically satan followers.

He spent his days...

stockpiling resources like water and freeze dried food in large amounts to prepare for the end of the World.

Tara did not step into a classroom...

until she was seventeen years old. And she went on to get her degree from BYU and a Phd. from Cambridge in England.

Tara knew at an early age...

that her dad was a little screwey in the head. As she became more and more 'educated' she knew that there was just something really wrong with her family.

The book...

also details the physical abuse she received from her brother, Shawn. A lot of the book discusses this and how the Mother and Father were in denial about it, and the Father would ask Tara if she had proof of this physical abuse.

It's a worthwhile read...

to see how a person who has gifts from God ( highly intelligent woman) cannot be subdued even among the harshest obstacles. And how she overcomes so much to accomplish incredible things through just sheer will power !

I give it a 9.5 out of 10 stars.

Good stuff !!!


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Nice review.. sounds interesting..
Although i am not a reading type of person but i will try to read it, if it gets me excited then i will binge read it..

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Thank you @bhoa, it's worth the read

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