Sitting here between my girls' rooms as this is their first day back to school ( online)

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I am sitting here in a very cushy chair answering questions and helping with problems that my girls may have on their first day back to school in the comforts of their rooms with online distance learning.

We spent a lot...

of money with new computers as well as office furniture for their rooms. A whole lot to be honest.

So they better get...

straight A's on their report cards lol. Seriously, my main thing is that they really put a full effort in and get tutoring when they need it and basically give 110% towards their school studies.

And then let the chips

fall where they may fall. Hopefully that will be along the line of A's and B's on their work ;)

Cheers to the first day of school.
Robert Andrew


They have Zoom classes for preschoolers these days too. What a world.

They are 10 and 11 and they start out on Zoom in Kindergarten

We are currently planning on starting with a face to face format. I have a feeling that may change before school actually starts though. Many districts have already opted for the online option. Good luck to you and to them! These are challenging times for all of us.

Thanks brother :)

I am sure they will make you proud. Cheers ..

Can't wait to resume normal activities in my part of the world

Yeah its so much better to be teaching face to face

They will surely make you proud

I think so. Thanks :)

I remember not taking a computer degree in College because my parents cannot afford buying us computers, it was so expensive back then in the mid-90's Sir @robertandrew.