The Human Spirirt Does Not Cease to Amaze Me...

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Some people think they have it rough living in some bad places...well take a look at this guy who lives in a public restroom.

The will to keep going forward and survive no matter what is an amazing thing us humans do. This guy seems to do just that and make due with what he has.

Just hope he does not plan to have a family anytime soon :)


It's all a matter of perspective. Take going camping outdoors. It's very similar to being homeless, yet lots of folks do it all the time, and pay to do so.

When I was a young man, I hitchhiked cross country a couple times. It's amazing how one views little things like a pack of crackers as a quality life moment.

It truly is,
I know from experience...

I had to sleep in a bathroom once.. it was mighty uncomfortable.. js

I admire his determination not to give up on life

Some people are just amazing... Not all...

This guy is.