Today is our first wedding anniversary.

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It's been an year since me and @ranjitha got married. Time flies quickly. We had a lot of plans to execute on this day, however, everything went in vain due to Covid19 pandemic and our ongoing isolated quarantine!

I have been trying to upload a picture of us from this morning for several hours now. Slow internet connection hopped in as a villain here too.

We got wishes from our friends and relatives. Most of them were in the form of WhatsApp statuses. Anyway, we enjoyed the day together retrospecting things happened in our life in the past one year.

We felt the absence of our parents and siblings with us during this occasion.

2 more days for our quarantine period to come to an end. Can't wait to get out of this place.


Congratulations my friend for the first anniversary. Have a great one

In quarantine....I know this would be the worst scenario one could get to celebrate first anniversary. Still good thing is both of you are together....stay blessed and Happy Anniversary.

Of course I'm happy that we are together.

Thanks for your wishes.

May be after can enjoy party together....or we come to acompany you...,😉

Congratulation My Friend, wish you many more joyful years.

Thanks brother.

God bless you and your family. I hope you meet them all soon.

Yep. We can meet them on Monday. Thanks chechi.

Congrats bro, hope your quarantine days are over and back into normal life 😊

Thanks bro.. Yes, now we are out of quarantine.

Good to know 😊 take care brother

Congratulations on your first anniversary. May the upcoming years be filled with more love and care ,@sathyanakar