Introducing Myself As An Artist.

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Hello All,

How are you doing today?

Today I wish to talk about one of my skills which is also a hobby.
I'm talking about my skill in arts (drawing).

It's been a hobby from my childhood to draw everything that I like especially living things.
But my uncle didn't like it as it's not a nice thing to do in the sense of our religion.

But still it was a hobby so I kept trying.

This is the story of my skill in art.
I'm a certified (kind of) artist in drawing.
Yes that means I got a certificate from my college for my drawing.

It was my honor to join an art contest when I was at college.
The contest was about to draw something cool of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
I practiced at my home for some time and then I did it finally.

Let me show those drawing that I joined the contest with.

Drawing 1


This is the platform of 7 March, 1971 Speech of Bangabandhu.
The finishing was better of which I couldn't take a photo.

Drawing 2


This is the time of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman lying dead in his house on August 15, 1975.

Drawing 3


This is a simple drawing with the face of Bangabandhu and the date (August 15).
15 of 15 August seems like blood spilled.

Drawing is my original work but the idea is not.
I took the idea of these drawings from reading books and the internet.

Yes I joined the contest with these 3 drawings.
Then I won the 3rd place for it.

And I got some nice and cool gifts.

Gift 1


A book about the life story of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Gift 2


A nice drawing book.

Gift 3


A certificate saying I got the third place in this contest.
I said I'm a certified (kind of) artist because of this certificate.
As I got a certificate for my art so that means I'm a certified artist, right?


This is the whole package that I got for winning the contest in 3rd position.

I have some more photographs to show now that I've been drawing in my leisure time.
Please don't laugh at them.
I know these are childish and I did it as a hobby only.










A boatman.



A rainy day in village.



A bluish moonlight night.



Two children riding a boat and plucking our lilies.



This is an unfinished drawing.

How much did you laugh at them?
Don't forget to say that.

I've done a pencil sketch of Rabindranath Thakur which I'll show in a separate post with the art process.

And as my hubby @ashikstd suggested me I'll start drawing @splinterlands related thing to join in splinterlands art contest and I've already finished my first art of splinterlands which I will show in a different post too with the art process.

I want to say goodbye now.


I'm hoping that this post will get some nice view and I'll be trying to do better next time.

Stay safe & stay home for corona epidemic.



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Well done with this one.
I hope you'll get to your destination soon.

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