Good News: Hive Pumps As Korean Exchange Upbit Adds Hive/KRW Pair

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Today, Hive token is pumping as one of the largest South Korean exchange adds the Hive/KRW pair.

In many ways, after successive global listing, Hive is now going local with this new Korean Won pair. The announcement can be found on Upbit's Korean website:


This simple listing has activated new sets of buyers. It has eventually led to an incredible pump — within few hours as you can see:


What does this mean? A couple of important things:

  • Hive is now listed on several popular exchanges: Bittrex, MXC, Huobi, Probit, Upbit, and Binance. This means more liquidity.

  • Hive will eventually regain its trading volume. Was less in the last couple of weeks.

  • More attention. Price attract people, so we will witness old users reactivating themselves and new users coming in.

  • Bright future. The Hive ecosystem will develop faster and reach wider. It also brings massive excitement.

Perhaps that is why I am writing this post. Also, if you didn't know, such listing on Upbit has always pushed the price up:


I also noticed Hive transaction (worth 1.3 million dollars) transferred internally by the exchange.


Overall, another worthy achievement. Apart from the price flunctuation, we will also witness more liquidity — more new users — increased visibility — and long-term growth.

Good times continues! 🔥


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excellent news.

Only gets better! Appreciate your ongoing support!

It's great news @sidwrites! Thank you for sharing them with the community. It is nice to know that Hive is getting bigger ... maybe one day we will see our token at the same level as bitcoin :-D. Kind regards to you.

I will leave this here... :D (42).gif

More listings more exposure of Hive, every little growth count for the long term success of Hive this is a positive news.

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Absolutely. I was researching more about Upbit as I remember they were big in 2017. They were responsible for Ripple pump back in those days.

I also remember one of the advantage was the ability to connect personal bank account to Upbit and then trade in local currency (KRW).

Perhaps hence the pump! Good to see this!

Hive is a step away to the moon

Haha! Guess we will have the moon meme... back!



Can you please point me where did you see that huge buy?

I found it here.

Can you please check? I would love to get some clarification if it was an exchange or user.

EDIT: This is similar to Twitter's Whale_Alert service. And this was the biggest transaction.

Hmm..... user.dunamu supposed to be Upbit deposit account, (hot.dunamu withdrawals).

This is from user.dunamu to upbitsteem, so some sort of Upbit internal restructuring of the funds.
I guess upbitsteem is korean only.

Exchange moving funds around. Otherwise 5M hive buy can make a bigger green candle :)

Waiting for the bigger green candle then!

Haha! $100?

Lol, don't have enought hive for that now. 1$ will do.

Got it. I thought so but couldn't say for sure. You know it best. Appreciate it. (44).gif

Lol ... thanks for the gif
Not sure that I know best :)

it's good to know HIVE has more liquidity!! ...

I was wondering about the sudden pump. Great to see it.

great to see

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Fantastic news! Getting Hive more visibility on exchanges would certainly grant it huge recognition for users. Excited to see more and more people jump aboard, so I guess, we only have Coinbase to please now, eh? I guess I now have an explanation as to why my wallet balance grew healthily as I woke up this morning ☀️

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More listing have to be good. It seems $Hive and $Steem are staying fairly equal on price despite a different in development and real community. I guess it depends a lot on whether people want to invest. We need to keep adding value to the Hive platform to make it more appealing.

This are very good news. Thanks for sharing.