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RE: GEMS-148441 Downvotes.

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I object to these links being blocked, I would like to read and decide for myself!

I came to hive from steemit to avoid censorship, and this looks like censoring people with different views! Please tell me I'm wrong!!!!!

I joined gems, because I enjoy gemstones; that was misleading. I have posted actual gem articles, because it amuses me to do so; but maybe I'd serve my page better by dropping gems entirely!



I agree @smithlabs, imposing censorship is atrocious decision which removes Hive from the list of free platforms.

But if you want to see the links, just replace with and read it all. Like this:



Thanks, but they hid the links too. This concerns me, I have dumped a lot of time into hive! Was it wasted? I wonder....


I originally signed in to discuss actual gemstones, which are a hobby of mine. I have left this active to allow me to counter vote All downvotes, as an objection to censor!

I don't plan to post any more posts there, again as an objection to online censorship!

Sad to see on Hive! No Blockchain can survive this action for long, so I really hate to see kindergarten responses here.

Stay vigilant!