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(Link not shown due to low ratings or blacklist)(Link not shown due to low ratings or blacklist)

(Link not shown due to low ratings or blacklist)(Link not shown due to low ratings or blacklist)

(Link not shown due to low ratings or blacklist)

(Link not shown due to low ratings or blacklist)

(Link not shown due to low ratings or blacklist)


I object to these links being blocked, I would like to read and decide for myself!

I came to hive from steemit to avoid censorship, and this looks like censoring people with different views! Please tell me I'm wrong!!!!!

I joined gems, because I enjoy gemstones; that was misleading. I have posted actual gem articles, because it amuses me to do so; but maybe I'd serve my page better by dropping gems entirely!


I agree @smithlabs, imposing censorship is atrocious decision which removes Hive from the list of free platforms.

But if you want to see the links, just replace with and read it all. Like this:



Thanks, but they hid the links too. This concerns me, I have dumped a lot of time into hive! Was it wasted? I wonder....


I originally signed in to discuss actual gemstones, which are a hobby of mine. I have left this active to allow me to counter vote All downvotes, as an objection to censor!

I don't plan to post any more posts there, again as an objection to online censorship!

Sad to see on Hive! No Blockchain can survive this action for long, so I really hate to see kindergarten responses here.

Stay vigilant!


You can not vote positive and negative at the same time you contradict yourself, thank you for what you took away from my publication that in itself does not value almost my content, you do not know the effort I put into each publication take away others of your friends on the platform that do not deserve it and also vote every day to be "friends".

No se puede votar positivo y negativo al mismo tiempo te contradices, gracias por lo que le quitaste a mi publicación que de por si no valoran casi mi contenido, tu no sabes el esfuerzo que le pongo a cada publicación quítale a otros de tus amigos en la plataforma que no lo merecen y además le votan todos los días por ser "amiguitos"


But isn't HIVE's focus on embracing the community of various types and promoting engagement through communication, not just a post with well-crafted and relevant content?
I may be talking nonsense as many accounts are just "alt" users who participate in contests/challenges that involve a large vote
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Hello I hope you are fine, I understand the purpose of your page and everything else but you are really hurting people, I have working the page since last year and I try to give and always do the best, there have already been many occasions where you have given me a negative vote, but this was the worst and biggest, I had more than two weeks without publishing a good post and now that they give me a good reward happens this, you do not know the conditions in which people are or if they need the I support it or not, or its problems, I really can't understand how you can be so unempathetic, I really don't think this is fair.


Please be aware and for a moment think well before acting. Have a good day.

Hola espero estés bien, entiendo el cometido de tu página y todo lo demás pero realmente estás haciendo daño a las personas, yo tengo trabajando el página desde el año pasado y trato de dar y hacer siempre lo mejor, ya han sido muchas las ocasiones donde me has dado un voto negativo, pero esta fue la peor y más grande, tenía más de dos semanas sin publicar un buen post y ahora que me Dan una buena recompensa pasa esto, no sabes las condiciones en las que están las personas o si necesitan el apoyo o no, o sus problemas, de verdad que no puedo entender como puedes ser así tan poco empatico, de verdad no me parece justo esto.


Por favor ten consciencia y por un momento piensa bien antes de actuar. Ten un buen día.

My question is also why the negative vote is so high????

I really don't get it.

¿¿¿¿Mi pregunta también es por qué tan alto el voto negativo????

De verdad que no lo entiendo.

Thank you for your valuable warnings. As a newcomer to the HIVE project, I will benefit from your experience. I will especially take into account your warning about GEMS.

No me parece que le des dowvote a los demas solo porque te da la gana échate agua mjo si te pican las manos

Good morning, cordial greetings.

It is the first time I receive a negative vote from you, other times have been positive. It was not much compared to other people, but I would like to know where I have failed to not make the same mistake.

Or if it is something random to balance the price of the currency I do not know.

I would be very grateful if you could answer my comment and I apologize in advance if I cause any further inconvenience. Thank you.


Every day I strive to create better content that brings value to the community, I struggle with unfortunate events such as lack of electricity and internet. Every hive is important to me. @newsflash

@newsflash Please stop downvoting. It's not fair, I'm not a spammer or a pirate.
I will write about you to the witnesses. Is the Hive a place of justice or deceit?

Why did you downwoted me.. 😒 Who I need to contact for that... Its my own post it doesn't break any rules

I gave up posting in GEMS a very long time ago !LOL 🤣

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