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RE: GitPlait- A community to collaborate.

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Added a small addition to the delegation. Funny you mention the question and answer side of things, I'm currently building a general question and answer site for Hive, about half way there but it's coming along. Maybe when I get to a point I make it open source it will be a useful fork.


Good luck, will definitely take a read through the posts.


Wow! Nice that you are building a general site for Q/A here. Projects like these are very useful. Good luck with it, and I will keep in touch with ya. Can I get a direct link to chat you up on discord? I believe we could do 1/2 things together. And Thanks for the delegation.

That's a good one. I trust things will work out fine on both ends and it's gonna help me in my coding jouney. Nice coming across you again man. Hope you feeling good.