Witchcraft 101 - Simple Candle Spell

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As I said last month, I'm working on creating more #witchcraft related quotos and infographics, to use as the spoiler space prevention thingys for my Tarot Tuesday posts (as well as just for sharing). I'm also interested to see if I can drive some of my Pinterest traffic here instead of my WordPress blog (more deets in an upcoming post).

After this post is published, I'll reply down in the comment section with a link to the pin I plan to create, my Instagram post, and my Tweet. If anyone else is on Pinterest, shout out and I'll give you a follow - always happy to have more Hivers on my other social media accounts! 😊

Now to the graphics - this is the second in my series of my #Witchcraft101 spell infographics (the other is my freezer spell that is also due some updating in the near future). The subject for this one is a Simple Candle Spell, and I have sizes for both Pinterest and Instagram. I actually included a version of these in a Tarot Tuesday post last month, then realized I had an oopsie (like not including the rune pic or photo info) and I wasn't happy with overall balance of the text. So these are updated, updated graphics and as always, please feel free to share!


Instagram sized

Simple Candle Spell 2020 Instagram version.jpg


Pinterest sized

Simple Candle Spell 2020.jpg


Infographic Text

Simple Candle Spell



  • tea light candle
  • quartz crystal point
  • Malachite (optional)
  • Matches.

Use the crystal point to carve a rune of good fortune (shown on graphic) on the tea light, Place your right index finger on the rune, and focus on the project you want to send positive energy.

When you have a clear image in your mind of the project being successful, place the candle on your altar (or other sacred space), light it, and put the Malachite (a stone of good fortune and prosperity) next to it. Let it burn (never unattended) itself out. Carry the Malachite with you for the next month, or keep it on your altar.

Photo: Candle, Malachite, & Quartz Crystal point on a Granite stone, June ‎2015


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Wow..Truly amazing..Although, I haven't been much of a believer in both magical or supernatural events and activities. They never seem to be attributed to the regular person but you've made this look pretty simple and honestly I do feel like trying it out. Hopefully I do it well and don't end up conjuring my great grandmother☺️☺️. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing more beautifully written posts from you. Cheers.

Wow.that's amazing
Thanks for sharing.

Well, I could certainly use some "good fortune" right about now but with my luck I'd probably burn my house down..lol. 🤨 😉