Hive It Is, Right!!! A New Beginning with COVID19

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Lots of news about migrating to Hive from Steem, to be honest, I am not well inform or sure on the good and bad side, I would like to say, I follow the community. However, steem is just gonna be there, and on the plus side, steem price is higher than hive at the moment.


This will be I first official write up in Hive, so please be gentle with me. These covid19 has effect me and my family tremendously, I have loss my tourism business, I have no income or salary since February, my savings will be drying up soon, and baby hospital appointment with jabs are coming soon.

For those who knows my journey in Steemit, I run a small humble Tourism company, and did some side jobs in construction and renovation with a another partner. However when covid strikes, it was not only crash boom bang for me, but the whole industry and others as well.

I still have to pay salary staff,rental,auditor fees,and also other expenses. Thou the government has come in to help, but it barely sustain, just only to keep the pantry and refrigerator fill a bit of food and yes I am grateful for that,at least for something.

In a light of the tunnel, I was inform by @bitrocker2020 and @danieldoughty that steem and hive is a separate entity, what ever you have in steem and sbd, hive will also transpire it. So I am grateful in blessing in disguise that at least I have some steem to spare for this hard times to come.

Let's just hope for the best for everyone and stay safe, stay at home, jangan ke sana ke sini.


Sorry to hear about your business loss. Anyway, welcome to Hive!

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Thanks @culgin, glad to be on board.

I feel you bro @veenang. Tough times indeed and a blessing in disguise.

Thank you bro for the comfort words, stay safe Brother