In the end, we are all Politicians

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So many people do not want to go into politics, because of how they understand it, and how it is done in some societies. Sonme people also think that politics is only done during elections period,but it entails a lot of things. We have politics in our day to day life,in our homes, schools, churches etc.


So now, politics is the interplay of decisions between two actors, which one of them would want to win against another,by influencing him. And in politics, there are public administration, international relations, budgeting etc

Everyone born into this world is a politician, because they make decisions. When a child is born and he grows into the age of accountability, he becomes a politician and a political actor for himself. He decides on how to run his life. Sometimes his parents (another political actor) would want to help him make decisions, but sometimes their decisions for him do not stands, sometimes it stands,then that is politics.

But a political scientist is one who make decisions based on facts, gotten from observations. A politician can make decisions based on what he wants but a political scientist make decisions based on facts.

Politics starts with two people and then spreads to many people. Politics can be found in the following places and more...

Politics in the home
The father as the head of the family, decides on how to run his home. The mother, also knows her part, and the children, also know what to do. Now politics is also the recognition of responsibilities.

Politics in the church
Decisions made on how the church is runned and the responsibilities of different people is politics. The pastor of the church,has a committee, that consist of heads of units, and in those units, there are subheads, which is administration.

Politics in the school
Ranging from elementary schools to higher institutions, there is politics. The recognition of responsibilities by workers and the execution of this responsibilities is politics.

Politics in the economy
The decision of what to sell, how to sell,where to sell and,who to sell to, is politics.

Politics in the state
When the legislature make law and send it to the executives, to execute after being interpreted by the judiciary, is politics. Even the way citizens obey rules and regulations, of a state, is politics.

In conclusion, politics is a day to day activity, so this mentality, should be inculgate in people