Hello my dears! My little trip, a little trip out of town. 🎣 🌾

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Hello my dears! My little trip, a little trip out of town. I love this place, it's beautiful here. Last year we went fishing here. Today it was very hot, my forehead was wet while I was taking pictures. I took a couple of photos by the water and a couple on the straw, I think you will like it 🌾

There was only hay in my hair 🤪😂

If it was a little cooler it would be more fun) Maybe in a couple of days we'll go fishing) 🎣 although, I already need to prepare for a trip to the sea 🌊 💙

This is the bay of the Dnieper River, there are a lot of fish here. The Dnieper is a very large river and very deep. This bay is like rates. Here is a village, people live, they keep animals: cows, goats, chickens, geese, ducks. This helps them to survive in the village. There is little work in the village, some residents have to go to our city to work or grow vegetables, fruits, animals for meat, they also keep bjel and then pump honey for themselves and for sale. I myself grew up in a village and I know what a vegetable garden is, helping parents. There is a lot of work in the village. But I loved helping my parents. Life in the village is completely different if you compare it with the city. I like the villages near the city, I would live in such villages, I would even buy a house there, if there was enough money from the sale of an apartment. But apartments are always cheaper than a good house, even if the apartment is nice and large. But this is still my dreams of buying a small house or at least a summer cottage) I love nature, and I would like to have my own yard, drink coffee in the morning not on the balcony but in the yard in nature)

I wish your dreams come true!

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You're not going to swim? Looks like a lovely day to take a dip in the water

Hello! the water has stagnated a little, now there is no waterfall due to the fact that it is hot, the water evaporates, so the waterfall has disappeared. There is a small stream)

That's too bad, I love a good swim,


me too) I will go to the sea soon ^^

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