Very beautiful! Also one of my fav fantasy films! !PIZZA

Thank you, I make my own original music but also some geeky covers. My fav movie is The Dark Crystal also by Jim Henson but love Labyrinth too,un fact I know Toby (not a baby anymore) and his parents (who designed both the dark crystal and labyrinth) small world


That gif caught my attention
Why would that be lol, replays 100 times. Most ladies of my generation love Jareth


Here is me playing a Labyrinth 30th anniversary event in USA back in 2016. Bottom center is Toby Froud (the baby) and bottom right Jim Henson's daughter. I did not mention I am a very geek person lol 🤣 I mostly perform at fantasy or comic conventions.

How awesome is that! Incredible great to see and hear that partner would love to have been there! Big geeks here!

Haha thanks... it was fun
And yay geeks united!

Wow very cool, I also love the Dark Crystal, they did a TV show of it recently....but it was not the same! !PIZZA

Congratulations, Priscilla! What a brilliant cover and what a most beautiful fantasy film starring a great musical hero of mine, more specifically David Bowie! A high-fantasy rebel, rebel! Keep up the good work! :)

Thank you, I love The Dark Crystal above all (also by Jim Henson and Frouds as designer) but Labyrinth is part of my childhood. I remember I had a crush with the Goblin King, hahah and I cannot believe it's been that long. I'm genuinely vintage now.

Yes, indeed, you were lucky to first watch 'Labyrinth' back in your childhood! That's commending! Lucky you, once again! Keep up the good work! :)

Beautiful, you took me back to my childhood. It was also my favorite. I fell in love with David Bowie.😍💕

I think though somehow inappropriate mos girls my generation had a crush with the Goblin King. I even used to read fanfics for a while about what would have happened when Sarah grew up as an adult... would she remember? I would, blush haha


blush, ahem!

I love the Labyrinth!


Sarah! Don't defy me.


“It’s a crystal. Nothing more. But if you turn it this way and look into it, it will show you your dreams.”
I love it too and all Jim Henson creations, though my favourite is The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth was also such a big influence in my childhood.
hahah I'm both Sarah and Jareth mix in the video hahah I know it's kind of odd hahah but you gotta work with what you have

Hey there!

It sounds amazing, I am not too familiar with the movie Labyrinth so I will check it out! Much love, hope you guys are doing well!


I grew up with Jim Henson movies (the creator of the muppets) and my favourite is The Dark Crystal but Labyrinth was also magical in my childhood years, cos I'm vintage hahah :) David Bowie and Trevor Jones made the soundtrack and well we all had a crush with the Goblin King back then. LOL, later in life I met quite a lot of the team involved in both movies, so yes I've met the designers and even the baby of Labyrinth in person.

Alright, now I am gonna have to watch it with the kids, I am convinced 😃

LOL, later in life I met quite a lot of the team involved in both movies, so yes I've met the designers and even the baby of Labyrinth in person.

That's pretty cool! How old was the baby now?

If the movie is 35 years, he might be 36. His name is Toby, just like in the movie :)
And it's a cool geek movie, my fav is The Dark Crystal but this was so special watched as a child too.

Labyrinth is one of my all time favorite movies and this is amazing and beautiful. You have a new fan!

My favourite fantasy movie is The Dark Crystal curiously by same director, Jim Henson. But Labyrinth is entwined deeply in my childhood memories. I like Bowie's underrated 80s era, Absolute Beginners, When the Wind Blows and of course Labyrinth.

Tu manera de interpretación ves fenomenal. Me gusta mucho. Saludos.

Muchísimas gracias, es una de mis películas favoritas y no me puedo creer que haya pasado ya tanto tiempo.... ya soy vintage como el film


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