Chary News: +++ CHARY Price: 0.05 HIVE/CHARY +++ Updated Whitelist +++

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Hello Friends of Charity,

Here are some Chary updates:

New Price

Here is the new price for CHARY: 0.05 HIVE/CHARY


I ordered some CHARY:

  • 5,000 for 0.05 HIVE/CHARY
  • 20,000 for 0.03 HIVE/CHARY
  • 10,000 for 0.02 HIVE/CHARY

The price has strongly reduced since my last buy orders.
This is inflation. Once the price was down, a lot of chary came into the market. Now I have to catch up with a low price. Therefore I ordered a lot of CHARY for a cheap price to clean up the market. So I hope this price should be stable now for the next month (and hopefully longer)
If next month some CHARY are left over, I can place orders for a better price.

Also this is now a good time to buy CHARY and stake it, to get influence for Charity projects and to support the charity helpers.

Richlist of CHARY


Taken from:

Updated Whitelist (and the first candidate for the Blacklist)

People and projects on my whitelist are worthy to be supported (from my point of view). They have proven to be trustworthy and usually deliver good quality of proof of charity.

The Members Of The Whitelist

@elkezaksek supports needy people in Uganda. Usually she buys solar panels for families. We chatted a lot via Hive.
@m-tennis-academy is @yohan2on, who plays tennis with kids and supports needy people in Uganda (I know him personally).
@dfacademy play football in Nigeria with children. They have proven two times to me, that they are trustworthy and don't waste money.
@battebilly supports needy people in Uganda
@hope.venezuela (a pastor) supports needy people in Venezuela.
@hiveuacharity (I know him personally) and others are behind this project. They support charity projects in the Ukraine.

If you now good and trustworthy charity projects on Hive, please name them in the comments of this post and give us convincing arguments to put their name on the list too.
If I wrote something wrong, please inform me also.


There are several projects and people which I have overseen or where I am not really sure, if they do really charity work. Maybe their websites are not in German or English or their posts lack of prove of charity (missing pictures,...)


The account @wallet.chary tries to abuse the chary System. He took the picture from the chary token and plagiarizes posts. He gets 100% downvotes from me.

Call for Action

What is CHARY?

Chary is a subtoken of Hive (like the beercoin). One can exchange it on the Hive-Engine.
When you use the hashtag "chary" and get upvoted by people, that have staked CHARY, you will get some CHARY.
But you only will get upvotes, when you write about your charity project, where you give us a good proof of charity. This means, we need pictures, where we can see, that people in need are really helped by you.
So please don't abuse the hashtag.

The Chary system can be reached via Hive (i.e. or directly via

For more details see

Achim Mertens


Yes I'm sorry. I will pay attention after that. thanks for the warning

hey achim. I am now following all of your suggestions and generally trying to align my account towards charitable projects. I don't yet fully understand how best to use CHARY coin or the hashtag but I plan to purchase some CHARY soon and try to be of help in that matter.
It would be good to consolidate a blog footer that contains all of the worthwhile projects to support on HIVE and perhaps some basic info on CHARY so that it is easier to spread the knowledge in a concise manner at the bottom of posts.
Also I just made a post with some ideas that have been bouncing around in my head about a charitable application on the blockchain. Please take a look when you get some time and maybe join in the discussion? It would be great to get your feedback and input. Im not a developer but its the kind of thing that if we could build a solid pitch we might be able to persue funding or philanthropic support?

...ah yes, and also it would be good to know which tags to use on posts and when. Nobel, Chary etc. are there others?

Hi basilmarples,
Thanks for your ideas.
I will read it and contact you in the next days.

Thanks for this. I have been buying CHARY all alone at 0.01 HIVE till I was able to build a 10,000 CHARY Power for @HiveAid project. 10k was my first target. I am moving towards reaching the 20k stake mark in the next phase. @Hiveaid will be beginning its charity initiatives sooner, but we thought it wise to build a solid stake. Our targets are education, agriculture, health and helping start-ups to fund their projects. More Details are here

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I have been watching this.
Good target, go on. It helps people.

Regards from Germany,

Thanks so much for the generous support to the charity tennis sports academy in Uganda.

Chary is indeed impacting the lives of these young future tennis professions. Projects like Chary are a great motivation to lots chary efforts in the different places of the world.

Kind regards,
From Uganda.