Big Horn Sheep

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One of the staples of Banff National Park are the ubiquitous Big Horn Sheep. You can find them beside the roads, on the roads, and even taking over the roads! These guys here were found roaming near the Sunshine Village base and gondola. Honestly, I never get tired of seeing these sheep. They just add so much flavour to the “mountain experience”. Mostly they are calm and stay out of your way (mostly, but not always). That being said, it is probably best to stay in your vehicle and avoid getting too close, after all, they don’t call them “wild animals” for nothing.



Camera: Huawei P40 Pro
Lens: Leica
Editing: Lightroom & Camera+


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Goats and sheep are an amazing aspect of the mountain experience!! Imagine my surprize when i noticed a mountain goat on the trail of the summit i was approaching!! It was his summit today and Forever!! Emerald Summit ❤️

If only you were there to get pics with a proper camera!! 😍

Yeah, that would have been cool for sure!

What big teeth they have.

That one guy has a really nice smile.

Yes & the other one is more pensive.

Never thought of going up there to see critters, usually try the Norquay one but it has been dissapointing the last few times. Will check out that road next time.

Also go to lake Minnewanka / Two Jack lake area, usually a lot around there.

Wow!... Lovely Big Horn Sheeps!!!.. Nice shots @daveks friend, I love that first portrait-like photo of the two horned sheep.... Regardless of the complicated sunlight, you have obtained lovely images...


Thanks @jlinaresp. Have a good day!


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I am very impressed With your first picture. His mouth makes me laugh out loud🤣

Yeah, its kinda funny.

Very interesting brother @daveks , and the important thing is the respect they have for them, here in Venezuela, really, they catch them little by little, if they don't keep them locked up. They look very showy. Successes in your publication

Thanks for stopping by for a look.

@daveks Dear successes, very eloquent and interesting is your publication. Greetings.


So there's a place in Rocky Mountain National Park that's just called Sheep Lakes because the big horn sheep like to congregate there. I can't tell you how many times I went there to get photos of the sheep and never saw a single damn one.
Lovely photos, as always.

Here it is the opposite, I would bet $ that you would see a herd if you were here lol.