San Diego La Lolla and the Zoo reimagined by AI and the fanciest prompt styles - i will create architectural future concept art to show twitter & the city of San Diego unlimited images for future development & let locals VOTE with a kyc blockchain hmm

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Here's what i think are worthy ai images of my home city of San Diego California. It reveals San Diego as the perfect place for vaporwave 90s tech vibe image.

its so cool to finally see my dreams of some sort of 90s cyberpunk vaporwave expansion of the San Diego Zoo like this like i always wanted

or vaporwave la jolla









and now the part that took me weeks to figure out that i really shouldnt give out but that one day youll all frel entitled to lol well go browsee when its not being DDOSd lol i would advise just downloading that entire site honestly

of if you want the prompts go visit my #snipverse lol

i could plan expansions to the zoo foe architectural concept art like this

and the locals will use things like twitter + hive but more likely a kyc equipped blockchain like @protonxpr @xpr to get users voting online even if they dont have twitter access, but our blockchain voting dao tool for cuty residents of the duture can really get closest to this (like protons $GRAT token check out its dao portal front end on xpr with @greymass anchor/webauth)


i could have locals using like the power of multiple kyc blockchain and decentralized p2p verification that cant be hacked as easily if at all, for a blockchain 2fa ro login to important local voting dapps that decide things like what project on the dao we all vote for ...multi blockchain factor authentication for your EdenOSonEOS or some imaginery @hiveid or we really dont have yet but could or just connect hive to stripe lol seriously hive can easily use a third party kyc id scanning app and we can start KYCing hive owner or active keys and have a system ro check in and verify with hive every day or even every hour or 20 mins so its really secure and you have ro face scan in and be checked by someone on hive every 5 to 20 mins just to do any sort of active key action

and this could be something like edenos which proton will make a better version of anyway i think as they already have and i need kyc for a loxal government voting dao to make @sandiegocoin the early incubator idea portal and sandbox to test out all the best DPOS social DACs with voting and ID systems so one day we can trust one with bullions of dollrs a year in local budgets

and i do think some of that budget should have online direct democracy whej the tech is ready snd secure and we should use voluntwry deceneytaliEd private daos to still show what we can do with private money to rival infrastructure and private public building projects...the city wouldnt have objections ro a private company raising monry and letting their customers all be the locals who all vote on their private dao ro build new cheap housing to end homelessness for example

the city would love that paralel private dao funding and voting system to help take pressure off the city and greatly benefit or any sort of expansion to the parks or zoos or a system ro expand the zoos ro the school system for a really cool local biosphere education program that mixes the local wildlife and new satellite aviariesaround every school in the city to allow micro private parks the children can go to to do homework and read and have amaIng outdoor libraries where we will make sure they have to hold a certain amount of classes at so they can leaen outside in big temples in nature like balboa park!

i could start by have a really nice local architecture competition where we sell nfts snd crypto for donators and sell physical ai art that comes with ai nfts and raise the millions needed to build 1 demo park

then we use some small amount of ads in one nice tech area of the park that will have the vendirs and a small showcade of local san diego NEW startups so new companies will be reserved time at small kiosks one day or week at a time depending on votes and popularity so everyday


we will all use blockchain+ twitter to VOTE on these new ai designed architecture plans to for example expand the zoo, and use dao governance/social token and nft art sales that act as tickets, to fund the building of these ai+human designed local projects

its up to hive if it wants to participate in the future of local governance or resort to petty revenge downvoting wars disguised as "important curation" and never graduate to the real world.

lets see which post gets more earnings



ill see in a week which post earns me more (different text each one unique with the hive one longer so its not just a copy paste ) no downvotes on snips makes it easier to bet on snips but id like to see both succeed and learn from each other! theres really no reason to be tribal, plenty of bitcoin for both i just want to get in on my own whale stake which i cant do on hive but i can affoed on snipverse.

both hive and proton have impressive dao and social tools now but i want to at least see hive x telos do something with the proposal systems for their partnership and i want ro see hive x telos have an id system or plans for one like edenos on eos has ...and proton has and my accounts on proton and snipverse are id verified with a checkmark which was free unlike twitters subscription but hive could have a hiveid paid hive RED plan to do verification checkmark standard on hive and peakd and evency and even hive engine etc but itd be a while before we ever see that so maybe hive should double down on anonymity and ill just find a way to link a hive account ro a kyc verified proton account as a stop gap measure? i still would have to use proton for its kyc when i want to explore local city government and social dac governance experiments to avoid vote abuse... it seems to be the only way but im excited to see what hive can do for ID systems and proposal voting and even a mini proposal system for a hivemind communuty on layer 1 not some paid feature from tribaldex... any community shoule be allowed to have a layer 1 dao usong hive funded from beneficiary rewards taken from community posts or rewards or even a token but we do need layer 1 hivemind community tokens first

but im afraid well just have that sooner on proton with proton daos and snipverse daos that will just be more vertically integrated and free. Hive is revolutionary but feels like it may take 100 years ro be fully apreciated by humans lol plenty of time to make money with other chains and come back to make hive using a powerful community celebrity or hive layer 1 SMT whenever that happens

proton eos telos wax have layer 1 tokens but lack communities and mostly lack social untill now with proton and its snipverse so the ⚖️ are finally changing and Protons snioverse flagship web3 platform is looking so good im literally selling a lot of my hive soon aftee a poeerdown of 500 just ro buy more xpr to get snips on alcor and protonswap. i will take advantage of the liquidity and demand to sell and buy snios from users who dont want to kyc but still eaen it anonymously or want ro buy anonymously ..theyll pay a premium to sell or buy theie snips for xpr which they can anon sell or buy on kucoin/changelly etc

so hopwfully well still get XHIVE on metal/ and i can also do arbitrage with that the mean time feel free to manually apply to withdraw XKANDA to by fiest going to to see if you qualify to withdraw to proton and u can sell for proton or snips directly as a way to taste the snips

anyway grat token on proton and freeos and snipverse itsekf all have some poeerful web3 dao dapp front end concepts and a few working websites

i just hope hive can give me a dao for @sandiegocoin so i can still use it as a layer 0 to sign people up anonymously to post and even SAND in the future but few san diegans are even on hive and fewer want to ppst ABOUT san diego howevee i know it would work with a more beautiful easier to use website like
/sandiego so i set up that group to be a proton snipverse version of