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It's December and I know everyone is preparing for the festivities of this month.

Undoubtedly, we have prepared our mouths to eat and drink with our loved ones and also have the highest fun as well.

Image credit to @nwothini335

We have worked throughout the year to ensure that the planet is clean and as such, the team of clean planet wants to appreciate everyone for their hard work.

To crown the activities of this year, clean planet has come with a very interesting contest for everyone to join.

What is the contest all about?

It's very simple.

You will agree with me when I say that the people in this community are those who love nature and appreciate it's cleanliness.

However, the topic of this year is:

Drum rolls please


Easy yeah?


To make it easier, it can be discussed in the following heading:

  • Why do you love nature

  • Why keep it clean?

  • What are the implications of not keeping the planet clean?

  • How has nature helped humanity?.

  • Lastly, conclude your post with your cleanplanet activity for the day.


  • The first rule for this contest is to: FOLLOW THE COMMUNITY RULES

  • Everyone is welcomed to join this contest

  • Subscribe to the cleanplanet community

  • Follow the cleanplanet curation trail.

  • Engage with other writers

  • Drop your entry link as a comment on this post and mention @nwothini335 in your comment

  • Mention @cleanplanet on your post entry

  • Use #cleanplanet,and #cpprompt as you first two tags

  • Invite 3 of your friends to join the prompt

  • Reblog this post (optional)

  • 1 entry per author

  • Your post should contain at least 100 words


This is the most interesting part of this contest.


1.5k planet tokens and 6 hive with upvotes are up for grabs.

Every valid entry stands a chance to win 10 planet tokens each.

There will be three winners.

1st position wins 600 planet tokens, 2.5 hive and a 100% upvote from the @cleanplanet and @solarisfuture account.

2nd position wins 500 planet tokens, 2hive and 80% upvote from the @cleanplanet and @solarisfuture account.

3rd position wins 400 planet tokens, 1.5hive and 60% upvote from the @cleanplanet and @solarisfuture account.

This contest ends on the 01/01/2024

We hope to read entries from everyone far and wide.


5 HP - 10 HP - 20 HP - 50 HP - 100 HP - 200 HP - 1000 HP


It s a good way to finish an exciting year for Clean Planet

Yes it sure is. Reading your entry however, will be a better way to finish.

Thank you for keeping the planet clean

Wow, this is so sweet and an alluring contest from this my lovely community, surely I'm in for it and will soon drop my own link, thank you clean planet for this contest it's so good 👍.

We will be so much happy to see your contents here, we are going to enjoy it.

We will be glad and over joyed to read your lovely entry.

Thank you for keeping the planet clean

A very interesting contest I will participate and invite my friends to also join

We will be glad to read your entry

Wow. This is really a well written entry.
You got 10 planet tokens for this wonderful entry

Thanks so much. Am delighted that I have written well

This is awesome. I can't wait to drop my entry for this beautiful prompt.

We're waiting for your entry.

Thank you for keeping the planet clean

Ok. I'll soon drop it

This is a brilliant idea and a great opportunity for @cleanplanet lovers

Yes, it is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to express themselves.

Thank you for keeping the planet clean


Waoh this is good you have the interest of people in your heart and this is one good way to appreciate all for their engagement

Yes, clean planet have the interest of its users and it will stop at nothing to ensure the growth of everyone.

We hope to read your entry soon

You have done very well by keeping this competition, everyone can speak their mind.


We hope to see your entry

Thats really a nice post.

You just won 10 planet tokens for this entry.

Thank you for your outstanding entry.


Wow I am happy and hopeful to be the winner.

We shall grow this community to another height by the grace of God.


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Your entry was really good..

You got 10 planet tokens for a valid entry


The rules says you should invite three persons to join.

However, I didn't see where you did that in your post.

Can I edit and repost

Yes you can

I will hashtag my friends to join right

Use "@" then the username

Ok I will do it

You entry is valid.

You got 10 planet tokens for a valid entry

Thank you very much i appreciate.


The rules says you should invite three persons to join.

However, I didn't see where you did that in your post.

Am going to edit it ryt away

 4 months ago (edited) 

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful entry.

Cite your image source or indicate that the images are yours.

Pretty good contest. I have time now for it. My entry will be dropping by tomorrow

We will be waiting for it


I had network issues which prevented me to post me link on time

My entry link @nwothini335 ://